Pasta Love Bug Crafts

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My daughter is a mix of girly girl & tomboy. She loves tutus & dressing up like a princess, but she also loves bugs & playing with trucks. In the summer she would chase around the bugs in our yard. I had to keep her from trying to grab the bees. With Valentine’s Day nearing, my little love bug & Iย were going to craft some love bugs of our own using our favorite crafting medium. It is time to break out our pasta boxes.

What you will need:

Assorted Pasta shells: Jumbo shells, ziti, medium sized shells, elbows, wagon wheels, bow ties & spaghetti

Paint – reds, pinks, purples, black

Glue Gun – **Glue guns should be used by adults only**

Directions: Paint your pasta pieces using assorted colors. A breakdown of pasta pieces & colors used for each bug will be listed below.

P1180484 P1180485

Let dry.


Pasta Lady Bug

Pasta used: jumbo shell, medium sized shell & 2 broken off pieces of spaghetti.

Paint the jumbo shell red for the body. Paint the medium shell & spaghetti black. The medium shell will be the head & the spaghetti is an antennae. Let dry. Paint black hearts onto the body for the lady bug’s spots. After all of the paint is dry, use a glue gun to assemble your lady bug.

ย LadyBug.jpg

Pasta Butterfly

Pasta used: ziti, 4 medium pasta, wagon wheel, 2 broken off pieces of spaghetti.

Paint your pieces in colors of your choice using the ziti for the body, shells for the wings & wagon wheel for the head & spaghetti for the antennae. Glue all pieces together. Let dry & finish off by painting hearts on the wings.


Pasta Spider

Pasta used: jumbo shell, medium shell & 8 elbows.

Paint the shells in your choice of colors. The large shell will be the body & the medium will act as the head. Paint the elbows black. They will be legs. Let dry & glue together. Paint a large heart on the body.


Pasta Bee

Pasta used: Jumbo shell, medium shell, 2 bow ties, an elbow & 2 broken off pieces of spaghetti.

Paint the jumbo shell in a color of your choice. You will use it as the body. Let it dry & paint black stripes around it. Paint the medium shell, bow ties, elbow & spaghetti black. The medium shell will be used for the head; the bow ties will be wings, the elbow for the stinger & the spaghetti for antennae. Glue the pieces together & add a heart to the head.


I love crafting with pasta because there are so many variations that you can use. Have fun with it & flex your creative muscles.

After our bugs dried, Mai played good bug, bad bug with them. Apparently the spider is really mean to the other bugs. ย We had to put him in timeout.

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