Button Rain Drops

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Button Rain Drop Craft


I went to the craft store the other day to stock up on more supplies. When I came home with all of the new goodies, my daughter could not wait to get her hands on them. She dug through the bag filled with pom poms & googly eyes and came across a bag full of assorted buttons. “Mama, open this please.” I opened the bag & gave her a large handful to play with. She immediately ran to her craft bins & pulled out some glue & started to make a picture with the buttons. I couldn’t believe how excited she was.


We kept the button fun going with a spring time craft. We made an umbrella with some construction paper & markers.


Together we separated all of the blue buttons. Mai glued the buttons onto the picture to form raindrops.

IMG_1083 IMG_1084  IMG_1097

Mai did a great job & it looks like we will have to buy more buttons.

Button Rain Drop Craft


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