Torn Paper Christmas Stockings

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Torn Paper Christmas Stocking Mosaics With Glitter - Kids crafts for the holidays.

I think that I have mentioned that my daughter is big into cutting things right now. She loves using her safety scissors. She will just grab sheets of construction paper & cut them up. Today she cracked me up when she drew a bunch of small pictures and cut them out. She drew a Christmas tree, a plate of cookies & she made some ice for the ground and glued them all onto another piece of paper. I told her that she had made a nice collage & she said “It is not a collage. It is a winter’s day mosaic.” This made me laugh. “Do you know what a mosaic is?” We have made mosaic crafts in the past & I am certain that I have told her the word, but do not think I ever explained it to her. I gave her my best explanation & told her we could make a mosaic with all of the paper that she had cut.

Torn Paper Christmas Stocking Mosaics

What you will need

Construction Paper



Cotton balls


We had several sheets of half cut scraps that we tore & cut for our project.


I cut a few stocking shapes out & our friend, Ashley joined us in our crafting fun.


I put the pile of paper in between the two girls & handed them each a glue stick. When they were finished gluing. I cut away any excess paper that might have been hanging over the edge of the stockings.

IMG_1647 IMG_1649

If a million pieces of sticky paper wasn’t enough of a mess, I brought on the glitter too.


We finished off our stockings with cotton ball furry tops for our stockings & our names or initials in the middle of each.



I only did & “M” for mom & Mai wanted to know where the O & the other M were. It is time to explain about initials too.

Scrap Paper Christmas Stocking Craft For Kids


The kids enjoyed their messy craft time & I had fun vacuuming all of the glitter up after, but it was well worth the fun.

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  1. Aw, her stocking is perfect and you just brought me back to when my oldest first starting to learn to use safety scissors and she cut a piece of her hair. Totally overreacted back then, but now I can look back and smile thinking of it though 😉

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