Candy Cane Angels

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Candy Cane Angel craft. This would make a cute Christmas card with a sweet surprise

It is almost here. Christmas is just a few days away. It has been a fun holiday season with our daughter. We have enjoyed singing carols together & snuggling up and watching Elf & the Grinch. Our daughter has also discovered just how much she loves candy canes. We have been to many Christmas parties this season & have met with Santa 4 times and each time she has accumulated a few candy canes. Candy canes are a great treats & they also make lovely and festive crafts.

Candy Cane Angel

Sketch out a circle on top of a triangle shape & then cut it out. We used a paper plate for ours.



Paint the the circle portion in a flesh tone.


Curl two pipe cleaners on both ends to form the hair. Paint in a couple of pink circles for cheeks & add two tear drop shapes for hands.


Glue on googly eyes & draw in a mouth.


Tape two candy canes together to form a heart shape. Repeat this step.


Tape the two hearts to the back of the angel.


Candy Cane Angel craft. This would make a cute Christmas card with a sweet surprise.

We made one with pipe cleaner wings too.

Pipe Cleaner & Paper Plate Angel - a cute Christmas craft for kids

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  1. Cannot believe Christmas is almost here now and still have q bit more to do to get ready for the big day. But what a cute craft to get further in the mood and thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

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