Paper Plate Rudolph & Friends Inspired Masks

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Paper Plate Rudolph & friends character masks - Christmas Crafts for the kids

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This holiday season with our daughter has been a fun one. She has a greater appreciation and understanding of the holidays this year & all the magic and wonder in her eyes make my heart smile. This is the first year of her watching the Christmas classics with us. She has enjoyed each and every one. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was on the other day. At first it frightened her because of the Abominable Snowman, but once we explained that he was nice, she loved him.

Paper plate masks are some of our favorite crafts to make together because my daughter just loves to pretend play. We have a pile of masks that we have made together.  Yesterday, along with our little friend Ashley, we added new masks to our collection.

Abominable Snowman Mask

Draw out the shape for around the eyes & the mouth on blue construction paper & then cut them out. Cut out a tongue shape and teeth too.


I showed the kids a picture of the snowman & gave them the two pieces, googly eyes, the tongue, cotton balls & glue. They glued the  pieces into place & placed their googly eyes & tongues. They used markers to draw in teeth and nostrils & then glued the cotton balls around the face for the fur.

IMG_2770 IMG_2774 IMG_2776 IMG_2777

After the masks dry, glue two craft sticks together & then glue to the back of the paper plate for your mask handle. Here are their creations.

Paper plate abdominable snow man character craft & maskPaper plate abdominable snow man character craft & maskPaper plate abdominable snow man character craft & mask

We couldn’t stop with just the snowman though. We needed to have Rudolf & Hermey the Elf join in the fun too.

Paper plate 'Rudolph inspired' reindeer character craft & maskPaper plate 'Hermey the Elf' Inspired character craft & mask

I think Hermey is my daughter’s favorite. She kept walking around with it & telling us that she wants to be a dentist.


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