Plastic Spoon Flowers

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Plastic Spoon Flower arts & craft for kids - easy painting craft perfect for spring

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It has been a cold week & we are expecting a winter storm in a couple of days. I think my daughter must be already over the winter because for the past few days she has been leaving trails of flower drawings & sunny days around the house.


While unpacking at our new home, I came across boxes & boxes of plastic cutlery. It has been sitting on our kitchen counters for weeks waiting for us to find a place to store it. We decided to put some of it to good use & kept my daughter’s flower theme alive.


Plastic Spoon Flowers

To make, draw out a simple flower shape around the head of the spoon.


Cut out as many shapes as you would like to make flowers. We cut out several.


Cut a slit in your shape at the top of one of the petals & slide the spoon in to see if it fits.


Slide the spoon back out & have your child paint, color or scribble on the flower shapes.

We painted with acrylics.


We used markers & highlighters, which are Mai’s favorites.


After the paint & markers dry, re-insert the spoon. We used a bit of hot glue to hold the spoon in place, but you could also use a piece of tape on the back.


Finish them off with green pipe cleaners for the stems.

Plastic Spoon Flower arts & craft for kids - easy painting craft perfect for spring

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