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Coiled Yarn Snowman

Coiled Yarn Snowman Craft - kid's arts and crafts for Christmas and winter. A great fine motor skill activity. Button embellishments

Earlier in the fall, my daughter and I made autumn trees by coiling yarn and pipe cleaners. The trees came out so beautiful and were a wonderful fine motor activity for my little girl.

Heading into winter and with snow on its way this week, I wanted to try another coiled yarn project for the winter. Snowmen were a perfect idea for this method. Here’s how…

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Coiled Fall Trees

Ok! I am slightly obsessed with fall trees, but why wouldn’t I be? They are beautiful and so fun to make.Yarn Coiled fall and autumn trees with sequins. You can try this with pipe cleaners for the smaller kids. Great for fine motor skills. Check out the pipe cleaner coiled tree made by my 4 year old. Arts & crafts

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As you may know, we love working with yarn and I had an idea for a fall tree craft using yarn. I drew a swirly branched tree onto a piece of construction paper and cut a bunch of small pieces of yarn and coiled them with my fingers to glue around the branches. I thought that this would be a great fine motor activity as well as a pretty craft for my daughter.



I showed my 4 year old what I was doing. She said “The tree is kind of spooky, but I like it.” She grabbed a piece of yarn and tried to make coils too. She tried a few different ways, but was having difficulty working with the yarn. It was a bit too floppy for her little fingers to work with.

We decided to try a pipe cleaner to see if that would be easier for her to work with and it was.


She wanted to draw her own tree, but asked for just a little help with her trunk. She drew in her swirly branches with a Sharpie.


We cut some pipe cleaners in half and then she coiled some more.

img_4541 img_4549 img_4550

My daughter is big on forming patterns, so she laid out her coils to form a pattern. We scattered sequins around both of our projects for a lovely accent to our trees.

Pipe cleaner coiled fall and autumn trees. Great for fine motor skills. You can try this with yarn too for the bigger kids or adults. Arts & crafts for preschoolers

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Coiled yarn & pipe cleaner trees for the fall and autumn. The pipe cleaners are perfect for younger hands and a great fine motor skill activity. The yarn is better for older kids hands. Arts & crafts for kids.

40 Fun Fantastic Yarn Crafts

We love yarn. Sure, it is great for knitting and crocheting, but it can be used for so much more. There are many wonderful arts, crafts and activities that you can make using yarn. It is perfect for teaching sewing to beginners, for working on fine motor skills, for creating fun and unique craft projects and even making lovely pieces of process art. Here are just a few of our favorite yarn crafts and activities.

40 Fun and fantastic yarn arts, crafts and activities for kids. Process art, sewing, craft ideas and activities to build fine motor skills. Great for preschoolers to big kids

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