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Salt Dough and Nature Winter Wonderlands and Wreaths

I just joked the other day about how when you are a crafter it seems as if friends and family are always giving you random materials to craft with. A lovely woman that works with my husband recently gave us a huge bin full of assorted potpourri. My daughter has been dying to get her hands into it.Build a beautiful winter wonderland with salt dough and nature materials and potpourri. A wonderful activity for the winter and Christmas. Kid's arts and crafts and sensory for toddlers and preschoolers.

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One of our favorite activities has always been to work with salt dough or clay and nature items. I wanted to make nature wreaths using homemade salt dough, so I gathered some nature supplies outdoors. I picked branches from different varieties of evergreen trees in our yard. We also dug our hands into all of that potpourri and found cinnamon sticks, pine cones, star anise and other lovely and fragrant fillers. We added a handful of red beads for a little bit of a festive touch.

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Paper Plate Play Dough Nature Island

This is a wonderful activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Gather items from nature and form these beautiful nature items with play dough and paper plates.Paper Plate Play Dough Nature Island - This kid's craft & activity combines art, fine motor skills, sensory & nature.Great for toddlers and preschoolers

My daughter and I do arts and crafts project just about every day. Many times, I take inspiration for our projects by things that happen over the course of our day. Sometimes, I just get a random idea and many times my daughter calls the shots.  I had an idea last night to make nature fossils out of play dough, assorted leaves, flowers and small pebbles. We made homemade play dough. We added some cinnamon to change the color and add a lovely smell. We rolled out the dough & cut a circle out of the dough to imprint onto.

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Nature Crafting With Clay

I am beginning to think more and more that my four year old and my husband are the real writers of this blog, especially my little girl. She has been coming up with so many amazing ideas on her own lately, that I cannot help but beam with pride. Both of the crafts here today are inspired by my crafty clan.

Nature and clay fairy crafts. This adorable craft was made with acorns, sticks and leaves. Salt Dough would work too. Kid's arts and crafts. - preschoolers

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My husband had a great idea to build log cabins out of sticks. I thought this would be a fun project for me and my daughter. We grabbed a box and set out to gather supplies, which as you know is always half of the fun. We gathered sticks and my daughter also grabbed a few acorns and rocks that she found.

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Clay & Rock Nature Crafts

My daughter and I are always trying to come up with new arts & crafts ideas. My 4 year old has quite the creative mind & brings a lot of amazing ideas to the table. We like to think of new projects, but there are still some favorites that we can do over & over again. My daughter’s favorite activity is making nature islands out of clay & items that we collect from our yard. We gather art supplies from our backyard often.

Clay Rock Nature Funny Faces - a fun summer arts crafts project for the kids

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Yesterday, we collected a pile of small pebbles and then rinsed & dried them off.  We were originally going to make our nature islands, but my daughter inspired us towards a different direction.

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Play-Doh Nature Craft


It was not the nicest weekend. Most of my outdoor plans were thwarted by soggy grass & too many bugs. We planned to go to the local kid gymnasium, but when we got there they never opened. Instead, we went to one of our favorite places, the library. We love the library. With all three of us being such avid readers, we would bankrupt ourselves buying new books. The library offers us an unlimited supply of great reads for each of us.

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Stick and Stone Winter Crafts

The winter is officially here and we enjoyed a couple of snowy days this week to welcome the start of winter. We played outside in the snow all day yesterday and took in all of the beauty of the season. Watching the snowfall and looking at the snow-covered trees was enough to inspire some winter crafting.Sticks and stones winter nature crafts - use clay, salt dough or play dough to set these pretty seasonal arts and crafts projects for kids, rock snowman, twig snowflake & Christmas tree

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We love working with clay and nature items. We have a collection of sticks and stones set aside for occasions just like this.

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Potpourri Christmas Tree Craft

We recently inherited a large bin filled with potpourri fillers. My daughter & I were so excited at the opportunity to use them in our crafts. We started a few days ago by using them to make salt dough and nature wreaths. We also formed some lovely winter wonderlands. While making our wonderlands and playing around the potpourri, we came up with another idea for the season.

Pine Cone and potpourri Christmas tree. Simple craft project that smells lovely. This is one that you could do with the kids as well. Winter arts and crafts projects with nature

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The potpourri that were used were cinnamon pine cones, cinnamon sticks, star anise,  pink roses and some other items that I am not sure of, but I am sure many potpourri fillers or herbs will work nicely.

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Pine Cone Pets

A fun thing happened the other day. I found a huge bag of pine cones in my basement.Pinecone and pipe cleaner animals. These are cute and easy to make. Use clay or play dough for these Owl, butterfly, turkey craft for kids. Fall or autumn arts and crafts. Nature

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I was excited beyond belief with our find. Pine cones make wonderful craft materials. The scales and the spaces in between make it a great material for children to use. They can stuff pom poms or tissue in between the scales or wrap the pine cones in yarn or ribbon. There are a number of options.

We wanted to make some cute critters with our pine cones and used air dry clay and pipe cleaners to form our creations. We are huge fans of the air dry clay, but you can try this with play dough as well.

Air Dry Clay

Press a small piece of clay underneath the pine cone to make a sturdy base for your creature.

Roll out a ball of clay to form a head and press it into the upper portion of your pine cone. Press googly eyes into the clay. (When the clay hardens, if an eye falls out, use a dab of glue to hold it back into place)

img_5092 img_5093

We cut a bunch of pipe cleaners in half and some into smaller pieces to form arms, wings, antennae or other details. You may also carve into the clay to form facial details. My daughter used her finger to carve a mouth into one of her creations. She made four critters in all. They were adorable and she even gave me one as a present to put on my night stand.

img_5096 img_5098

pine cone creatures. Use Pipe cleaners, clay and pinecones as an invitation to create a variety of creatures. Arts and crafts for kids with nature


I made a few animals of my own.Pinecone and pipe cleaner animals. These are cute and easy to make. Use clay or play dough for these Owl, butterfly, turkey craft for kids. Fall or autumn arts and crafts. Nature

I used the same techniques as above. We used the clay at the bottom to form a solid base and then used clay to form the eyes for the owl and then the head for the butterfly and the turkey. Each of these got a pair of googly eyes pressed into them. The beaks for the owl and the turkey were cut out of orange foam and the waddle for the turkey was cut out of red foam. Glue was used to hold these into place. Pipe cleaners were used to form feathers, wings, feet and antennae and horns for our assorted creatures.

These were so much fun to make. I am sure that we will be making more of these together soon.

                       Pinecone and pipe cleaner animals. Check out our other pine cone animals. These are cute and easy to make. Use clay or play dough for this Owl craft for kids. Fall or autumn arts and crafts. Nature Pinecone and pipe cleaner animals. Check out our other pine cone animals. These are cute and easy to make. Use clay or play dough for this turkey craft for kids. Fall or autumn \, Thanksgiving arts and crafts. Nature Pinecone and pipe cleaner animals. Check out our other pine cone animals. See our other pine cone animals. These are cute and easy to make. Use clay or play dough for this butterfly craft for kids. arts and crafts. Nature

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