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Pine Cone Fall Tree Craft

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My obsession with fall trees continues. I’m obsessed! I admit it. I just can’t help myself. They are just so beautiful.   Last winter, we made lovely snow-covered trees and Christmas trees out of pine cones, so we thought why not try this with fall trees as well. We just so happened to have a large bag of assorted pine cones kicking around and have been waiting for a reason to use them. Nature and recyclables combine to make this colorful pine cone fall tree.Pine cone fall tree - use recyclables and pine cones to make these colorful autumn trees. Kid's art and crafts

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Pasta Shell Autumn Crafts

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Pasta Shell Autumn Leaves. Fun Fall Crafts For Kids

With our house on the market & all of the recent showings, I had to pack up the majority of my craft supplies & store them until our move. Sadly, one of my favorite crafting materials had to be packed away. Ten boxes of different varieties of pasta were boxed up & tucked safely away in our POD.  I have missed our pasta crafts. It had been too long, so I dug out one box to make a couple of fall themed crafts,

Earlier in the summer I had made a tree with pasta shells.


A reader suggested that we do this craft again in the fall & use fall colors. I told her that it was a great idea & I would definitely do so. Last night, true to my word, we did just that.

Pasta Shell Autumn Tree

To color your pasta you can put the pasta shells in a baggie with a few squirts of paint & shake them up. If you are like my daughter, you may paint each one of your pieces. We did both. We painted red, orange, brown, yellow & green shells. Lay the pasta shells out on wax paper to dry.




Cut out a tree with bare branches.


Glue the dry pasta around the tree.

IMG_6996 IMG_6993


pasta shell autumn tree craft - fall crafts for kids

We colored too many brown shells & had a lot left over, so we used them for one more quick craft.

Pasta & Play Dough Pine Cone

We had a small baggie of homemade play dough left over.

Mold play dough or clay it into a pine cone shape like shown.


Press brown colored pasta shells into the bottom of the fatter end of your dough.


Place the dough down on a flat surface on the shell side. It should stand on its own. Press the shells into the dough all the way around starting from the bottom & working your way up.


Pasta Shell Pine Cone Craft - Fun fall crafts for kids

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Pine Cone & Play-Doh Turkey Crafts

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One of my favorite parts of my daughter’s days at daycare are receiving her daily reports & seeing all of the craft projects that she brings home. I love seeing her beautiful crafts, even the ones that she does with someone else.

This week she brought home a lovely fall one.  It was branches bound together & decorated with Play-Doh. Miss Laura said that Mai worked on it for 2 hours.


This weekend there was a sale on Play-Doh at the supermarket, so I stocked up. Mai was so excited when I came home with a box filled with 24 different shades of it. She dove right in & started creating.


She is becoming quite the little artist. Her imagination is developing so quickly. I watched her as she kneaded & forms different shapes & put them together. She explained to me as she molded her creation what she was making.  “Look mama, a frog! He has a blue fly on his tongue.” I have to admit, I was very proud.


She did not stop there. “Look Mama, I made Dukey’s poop.” Oh dear! It does look like Dukey’s poop.


Since we already were in such a crafty mood & had a table full of Play-Doh, I thought we could make something together.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

This just require pine cones & Play-doh. I used craft pine cones only because they were handy. You can use ones from your yard as well.

Form & mold the turkey’s head to the fat part of the pine cone. Show your child how to do it & let them do it to their own.
(If your pine cone is wobbly, place a chunk of Play-doh underneath to keep sturdy.)



Form long oval shaped pieces to use as the turkey feathers.


Insert towards the back between the pine cone scales.



Again, show your little one how to do it.



Add the beak. Older children may be able to do this step, but the smaller hands might need the help. Mai asked mama to make her turkey face.


Add the eyes next.


Add the turkey’s waddle & you are done.