Yarn and Pipe Cleaner Coiled Roses

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Roses are red, violets are blue, we love yarn and pipe cleaners too. If you’re looking for the perfect craft for the spring, Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, look no further. These coiled roses are great for developing fine motor skills as well.Pipe cleaner or yarn coiled roses. A great fine motor skill arts and craft idea for kids. Perfect for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or to welcome spring flowers.

 It is true. My daughter and I both love working with yarn and with pipe cleaners. Yarn wrapping activities are a favorite of ours. My daughter also loves threading buttons and beads on pipe cleaners. These are wonderful for building her fine motor skills and they make some fun crafts. A new favorite of ours is coiling yarn and pipe cleaners for craft projects. At first, the yarn was too tricky for my daughter’s little hands, so she would coil with pipe cleaners instead. Now she can easily work with both. To get ready for Valentine’s Day, we made these coiled roses using both materials.

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Potato Stamps: One Potato – Three Designs

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Potato Stamps - one potato - 3 different designs. Make a snaiil, a rose or a lollipop

This morning I noticed that we had a couple of sad looking potatoes sitting on our pantry shelf. Whenever we have old potatoes we like to use them for potato stamping crafts. My daughter has a thing for snails lately, so I thought that they would make a cute subject for our morning project.

As usual I cut my potato in half & then cut the skin away from the edges to help the potato lay flatter for when we press it into the paper.


I carved out a swirl into the middle of the potato.


I called Mai into the kitchen & showed her the stamps & showed her how we could make a stamped snail with it. I used the potato to make the stamp for the snail’s body. Mai made a few stamps & then I drew in a head & little tail &  added a couple of googly eyes.

Potato Stamp Snails

I asked Mai if she wanted to make her own.

She stamped a few & said “Silly mama, this is for lollipops.”

She had a brilliant idea indeed.

I trimmed the edges just a touch more to make the potato more round than oval. We both stamped our pieces of paper.




Mai painted in her own lollipop sticks.


I added cake pop sticks that we had from a previous project to mine. I tied small pieces of yarn to form bows for our pops.

Potato Stamp Lollipops


The lollipops reminded me of roses, so we squeezed one more craft out of our old potato.

Potato Stamp Roses

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