My daughter is such a picky eater. She will sometimes go days refusing to eat. She has very specific ideas of what she wants to eat & tantrums at the sight of new foods. She usually finds one food at a time that she likes and that is all she will eat for about a month. Last month it was eggs. This month it is turkey burgers, no bread, no cheese, just the burger patty. I have learned to get inventive with mixing up ground veggies into her meals in hopes of balancing out her diet but mainly I would just like her to try more foods and enjoy eating. I know I do!
I am always looking for new kid friendly recipes and ideas to try to make eating fun for my little one & she resists every one. On my hunt for meal ideas for tonight, I found this one.
Since we are nearing Halloween, I thought I would share a great Halloween inspired snack idea that I found. Hot dogs wrapped in long strips of crescent to look lie mummies.

I made these for lunch today. They were very simple to make & they came out adorable. What was the verdict with my picky little girl? Well…while they were a hit with my husband, who is basically just a big kid a heart, they did not win over my daughter. She did however think the mummies were very funny and then ate a turkey burger. YUM!




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