7 Reasons Why Exercise Sucks

Exercisesucks.jpgHere is something that many of you might not know about me. I hate exercise. I don’t just dislike it. I have a genuine hatred for it, which is funny considering that I was a regional manager for a fitness chain for 10 years. I know that we need exercise. I know that it is good for us & all that other mumbo jumbo & I respect those of you that do it. My husband is a marathon runner. I think it is fantastic, but when he asks me to run with him I just chuckle & offer him a very dragged out “Noooooooooooooooo.”

My husband just purchased a new workout video, the T25 workout. He asked me if I would do it with him. He presented it as something we could all do together and somehow talked me into it. He must have offered me chocolates or something, either way I agreed as it is only 25 minutes long. This weekend we started it. Even our 3 year old daughter joined in.

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It was 25 minutes of sheer hell. Suddenly, I remembered why exercise & I have always had such a bad relationship. It is because it sucks

7 Reasons Why Exercise Sucks

1. It requires moving. I am perfectly content sitting on my ass. I am good at it. I am more of an artsy fartsy sort of girl. Give me some paints & construction paper and I am more than happy. Sitting burns calories too, you know.

2. I want to punch everyone in these workout videos in the throat. I know all these rock hard bodies & six packs are supposed be inspiring, but they make me want to start chucking donuts at the TV screen. Have you ever eaten a donut? Try one they are delicious. On top of it, why are they so happy? As they all have ear to ear grins on their faces, I have to keep wiping the moisture from my face, and by moisture I mean tears. Incidentally, the happiest person on the screen is usually the one doing the modified version for people like me.

3. Sweating is gross. Do you know what I hate almost as much as the act of exercise? I cannot stand being in wet, sweaty & smelly clothes. I sweat like a pig. If I could go to the gym naked, it would be done. Try getting out of those nasty clothes as they stick to your moist flesh. It is not easy. I have gotten stuck inside of a sweat soaked sports bra before. It was not fun.

4. There is just not enough time. I see people around me that have full time jobs, keep a clean house, raise their kids & go to the gym for 2 hours a day & I think “Huh?”. Can you run my life for me, please?

5. I hate sore muscles. If it is not bad enough that I just went through the torture of cardio or weight training on Monday, when Tuesday comes I have to endure the pain of the next day’s sore muscles. Forget about 6 pack abs, get me a 6 pack of Icy Hot and a glass of wine.

6. It’s embarrassing. Even when I did work out all the time, I felt inadequate. I always felt as if I was being looked at. In my head I thought “I look stupid doing this, don’t I?” “Am I doing this right?” “Do I have a wedgie in these yoga pants?”

7. It is just not fun. Working out is boring. I know some of you out there are like “I disagree.” That is because you are slightly crazy. All those exercise endorphins messed with your head. Music makes it somewhat bearable, but if my IPod goes dead, I pack my gym bag up & go home. Guess what! My Ipod has been dead for 3 years now.

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41 comments on “7 Reasons Why Exercise Sucks

  1. Haha I completely understand where you are coming from. Sometimes it’s as simple as just trying to get in a few extra steps per day or finding an activity you have fun doing like a new sport vs an exercise class or video. I’ve been coming up with fun ways to exercise with my baby to help make it more fun and save time that I’m posting on my blog http://www.mommyhoodbytes.com if you want to check any out and see if they help 🙂 love your posts!

    1. Thank you. I will definitely check that out tonight. I know I need the exercise. I just love to complain about it. Lol!

  2. I’m with you on the sweating thing, that’s so gross! I don’t go to gyms for that reason but I do find other ways to exercise – like walking, hiking and cycling. That way my sweat stays with me and nobody else!

  3. I totally agree with you! The only thing I like about exercising is the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done. It’s kind of like scrubbing the toilet — I hate, hate, hate doing it, but I love the result!

  4. I don’t love to workout because of the time it takes, but I love actually doing the work out too. 🙂 such a fun post.

  5. Ha! This was the first email I read this morning so funny. I don’t like exercise either so great read. I domt like to sweat, I don’t like too much movement and I don’t like using machines that’s why I do Yoga and walk. The only thing required is my body and I do it at my own pace. It has been great for the past three years, I feel amazing, healthy and have no pressure. I think bottom line is finding what works for us and what our bodies feel comfortable doing so it becomes part of our lives and not a task. Great pic share and good luck 🙂

    1. Now yoga I do enjoy. I hate to sweat as well, obviously as my post says. Lol! I will persevere though and make myself do it.

  6. I am so with you. I hate exercising because I don’t want to be sore and I don’t want sore muscles. I don’t mind a walk in the neighbourhood, but anything more than that is too much. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

  7. I agree with you! I just don’t have the time! People tell me to get up earlier and I think they should be committed!

  8. There are parts of exercising that I hate too. I actually love the feeling afterwards and enjoy most videos the first time I do them but they are super boring the next time and then after. I love playing basketball so that would be a great exercise for me if I had the time. Since I don’t I have to do videos or an occasional run which is super boring to me. Especially workout machines I get way too bored on those but at least now they have screens to watch something.

  9. Ha! this gave me a laugh.I understand exactly how you feel about the people in the workout videos. They always look too dang on cheerful…how can they keep a smile like that for so long. Funny you mention sweating. My Mom and I were just talking about that. She needs to exercise but her excuse is that she doesn’t like to sweat. My thing is getting started. It’s soooo hard to get motivated in the wintertime.

  10. Love this! I needed a good laugh first thing in the morning. I make workout resolutions every year and every year I stick with it for about two weeks. I have no patience and no time. If I don’t see the results (other than muscle pain) in a week, my motivation is gone. Stop by at Thursday Favorite Things and party with us, we would love to have you!
    – All that’s Jas

  11. Lol you are cracking me up! I try to talk myself out of working out all the time, but then after a really good workout I feel so much better about myself. Oh, and I COMPLETELY agree with you about the people in the workout videos! I did Insanity for a while, and I cussed them out every single time, throughout the entire video…

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