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Cardboard Haunted House

Hey all! Oh, how we have missed you!! We have been very busy and it has been a few months since we have done any art with you, but we had one craft we just needed to share. When we started making it, we didn’t know where it was going to take us, so unfortunately their is no tutorial and not many pictures, but we were so proud of it that we had to share with our crafty friends.

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Shape Castle Silhouettes With Watercolors

It is Harry Potter mania in my house. My daughter and I just finished book one, The Sorcerer’s Stone and are now moving on to The Chamber of Secrets.  She is in love with all things Harry Potter and so am I.  This past week the focus has been on Hogwarts Castle. I love castles and with all of the Harry Potter talk in the house I felt inspired to paint a little bit of Hogwarts. This kicked off our castle projects. We have been practicing drawing and painting castles and made these fun castle silhouettes with watercolors and construction paper.

Shape Castle Sihouettes with Watercolors and construction paper - kids arts and crafts. #painting #fairy tales #magical

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Mixed Media Haunted Houses

These adorable mixed media haunted houses are a wonderfully spooky Halloween art project for the kids.

With fall quickly approaching, pumpkins, apple picking and hayrides have been on our mind. We have also started to think about Halloween. We love Halloween and we especially love cute and spooky Halloween arts and crafts. And for me, nothing quite says spooky like a haunted house.

Mixed Media Haunted House for Halloween - arts and crafts for kids

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Mixed Media Truffula Trees

My daughter loves Dr. Seuss. Whenever we go to the library, she always looks through his books for one that we haven’t read in a while or for an old favorite. The Lorax is one of those favorites. It is a favorite of mine as well.

Mixed media truffula tree art inspired by Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax'. Kid's arts and crafts,onspired by books. Earth Day crafts. Watercolor painting, newspaper, construction paper, markers

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We have been on a huge mixed media kick lately and I thought that the truffula trees from ‘The Lorax’ would make a beautiful project for us to do together.

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Cherry Blossom Drip Art

This is a big week for us. Our little girl turns five this week. I can hardly believe it.  We have been getting things ready for her big Lego themed party, but still managed to paint a little something together in honor of her and her birthday. My daughter was named after my mother. They share the same name with the same lovely meaning, cherry blossom.
Drip Paint Cherry Blossom Tree artwork - kid's arts and craft ideas. Beautiful and easy process. Great spring craft

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We started out by drawing bare tree trunks onto pieces of watercolor paper with a Sharpie.

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Mixed Media Winter Birdhouse

We have been on a bit of a mixed media winter art kick over the past couple of weeks. My daughter really enjoys it and we have created some beautiful pieces together.

Mixed media art birdhouse with chickadee or a cardinal - Use tissue paper, acrylics, watercolors, crayons, markers or construction paper to build this pretty winter / Christmas scene. Kid's and preschooler's arts and crafts

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The beauty of mixed media is there are so many options in creating a piece of art. You can use paint, markers, ink, crayons, newspaper, construction paper, tissue paper or embellishments such as buttons or glitter to create your masterpiece.

We have been loving making them and here is our latest. 

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Craft Stick Fences

Popsicle stick nature craft for kids - pretty spring or summer arts & craft project.

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This week we have been playing with a box of jumbo craft sticks. We have made craft after craft with our craft sticks. We glued them together in a number of different designs. We made a few craft stick fences, which is not a new idea by any means, but we decided to dress up our fences with a little paint & a little touch of nature.

Popsicle stick nature craft for kids - pretty spring or summer arts & craft project

My daughter & I enjoyed picking flowers for our project. We gathered a variety of flowers & leaves.

IMG_8015 IMG_8017


We used tacky glue to glue our craft sticks together as shown.


We both painted our glued fences with acrylic paints & then let them dry. I went with a simple white fence,while my daughter opted for a little more color.


Once dry, we used the tacky glue to glue pieces of flowers & leaves to the fence.

IMG_8034 IMG_8037


Popsicle stick nature craft for kids - pretty spring or summer arts & craft project..,

My daughter’s came out so beautiful. She even made sure to tell me that she liked hers better than mine. I think I would have to agree.

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Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher

Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher Craft

My daughter has had issues with sleep since the day she was born. She had colic & reflux as a baby and did not sleep through the night until after she was 1. She suffered from night terrors as a toddler and recently she has been having nightmares. She was afraid to fall asleep for fear that she might have one. We began meditating together for a few minutes before bed to try to clear her head. She is so cute doing her meditation and is able to sit through 2 straight minutes now without opening her eyes.


It seemed to help a little, but she was still concerned about her dreams. A couple of friends of mine recommended getting her a dream catcher for her room. I could not believe I had not thought of it before. I explained to her about the dream catchers & told her that we could make one for her room. Here is how we did it.

All you will need is pipe cleaners, feathers & beads are optional.


Twist 2 pipe cleaners together. Repeat. Join the two twisted pieces together to form a circle.


Form a loop with another pipe cleaner & twist the loop around the circle. Form another loop through the first & twist it around the opposite side of the circle.


Repeat these steps perpendicular to the other 2 loops.


Choose a different color & do this again working in between the other loops.


Wrap a contrasting colored pipe cleaner around the center of the dream catcher to form a circle.


Cut a pipe cleaner & wrap the end around the outside of the circle & let it dangle. String beads on the pipe cleaner if desired & wrap a feather around the bottom of the pipe cleaner. Repeat this step as many times as you like until you get the desired affect.

IMG_5955 IMG_5956

I made two for either side of my daughter’s bed. Sweet dreams my sweet girl.

Pipe Cleaner Dream Catcher Craft

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