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Paint Blot Art Inspiration For Kids

  1. Paint blots are a fun and easy way to create and explore your imagination.

My daughter and I have been making paint blots together since she was only a couple years old. At first, it was just interesting to see what she saw in the blots and then it was fun to watch her make her own paint blots. Today, we did both and found great inspiration within our blots.
Paint Blot art inspiration - A fun and creative way to prompt kids to create. Arts and crafts for kids

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Paint Blot Abstract Printing

Super Fun messy art - paint ink blot print. Transfer your print & make them again & again.

My daughter & I have been having fun with ink blots since she could speak. It has always been fascinating to hear what she saw in her blots. The other part of forming them are that they are just plain pretty to look at & lots of fun to make. 

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Ink Blot Artwork

Ink Blot artwork craft & activity for kids


When my daughter was much younger I was very curious about how her little mind worked. I was & still am fascinated with how the world looks through her eyes. Quite a while back we did an ink blot experiment on her. It was interesting to hear her thoughts on the abstract. Over a year later we are bringing the ink blots back with a kick. The idea was to make the ink blots, have her tell me what she sees & turn the pictures into her visions.

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Exploring my Toddler’s Imagination – The Rorschach experiment


I think my toddler’s mind is a fascinating thing. I will sometimes sit and stare at her & watch as her brain processes what is in front of her. Today she turns 23 months old. She is entering a new stage in her development right now. Her imagination is evolving right before our eyes.
It started slowly, with simple copy cat acts such as pretending to talk on the phone or tucking in her baby to go to sleep.

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