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Vampire Girl Paper Plate Mask

Vampirina Mania has taken over our house. My daughter cannot get enough of that adorable little vampire. I have to admit, I like her too. It is such a cute cartoon about a little vampire girl just trying to find her place in the human world with a little help from her human and not-so-human friends.  Our new favorite character inspired this vampire girl paper plate mask.

Vampirina inspired vampire girl paper plate mask with free printable template. Arts and crafts for kids. Perfect for Halloween or for pretend play.

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Shopkins Inspired Paper Plate Mask

My daughter loves the Shopkins. We have a bunch of those little Shopkins baskets and characters all around our house. My daughter loves all of those little characters.

Paper plate mask inspired by Shopkins Green Apple Blossom - kid's character crafts and activities for pretend play

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What she also loves are masks, more specifically paper plate masks. I have made her many over the past couple of years & we still have every one. Our latest is inspired by the green apple from Shopkins.

We have a ton of pre-painted paper plates left over from a mask making activity that we had at a kid’s craft party, so I just grabbed one of those.


I drew a simple flower on white foam using a green outline with magic marker & drew a simple stem on brown foam.


I cut out the flower & the stem & glued them to the top of the plate.


I cut a worm out of pink foam and leaves out of green. I drew in details to both and added googly eyes to the worm.

IMG_8742 IMG_8744

I glued extra-large googly eyes to the plate & drew in the rest of the face using Sharpies.


I added the little feet in at the bottom to finish it off.

Paper plate mask inspired by Shopkins Green Apple Blossom - kid's character crafts and activities for pretend play

My little girl loved her new mask.

Paper plate mask inspired by Shopkins Green Apple Blossom - kid's character crafts and activities for pretend play

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‘Home’ Inspired Paper Plate Masks

Home Inspired Paper Plate Masks

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Last weekend we took a mini vacation to the beach with some family friends. We had a great time & made some wonderful family memories.


The drive to the beach was long though & the drive home seemed even longer. Mai’s uncle downloaded her a movie on the Ipad before we left for our trip. It was for just in case she started getting punchy during the drive. She did great the first hour, but then started to get antsy. We started the movie for her. It was Dreamworks ‘Home’.

As we drove, all I could hear were squeals & laughter coming from the backseat. She loved the movie & quickly started to imitate the characters.

My daughter loves to pretend play. To encourage her pretend play, we often make paper plate masks. Last night, she very enthusiastically helped make ‘Home’ – inspired masks. Here is how.

What you will need:

A paper plate for each mask

Paint in purple, blue, white, light brown, dark brown, red & green

Craft sticks

Purple foam or construction paper

Glue gun (for adult use – use caution)

Black sharpie


Draw a slightly curved lined about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of a paper plate.


Paint on the top of the line in purple. I helped my daughter by painting a strip of purple for her along the drawn line. I let her paint the rest.


Paint under the purple in blue.


Outline between the blue & purple with a darker purple & then draw a curve to form Oh’s uniform. Paint a purple circle in the middle of the curve as show, Paint in the white’s of the eyes & use a Sharpie to draw in the mouth & eyebrows. The face does not have to be perfect. Your child will know who it is supposed to be.


Cut long ovals out of purple foam & glue them to the side of the head.


Glue two craft sticks together & then glue them both to the back of the mask.


Paint in the eyeballs to finish off your mask.

Paper Plate Mask - Inspired by Oh from the movie home

To make a Tip – inspired mask:

Paint the plate in light brown.


Paint in the hair using a swirling pattern to form curls. The headband is optional.


Draw in the face. Markers work best on smaller details.


Paint in Tip’s green eyes & her sweatshirt. Add the craft sticks for the mask handle.


Mai could barely wait until these were finished. She stood next to me anxiously waiting for the masks to be ready.

She loved them of course.

IMG_7068 IMG_7066

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‘Inside Out’ Paper Plate Masks

Inside Out

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Yesterday we took our daughter to the movies to see ‘Inside Out’. She had been asking us to go all week & finally broke us down. She was so excited all morning & could hardly wait until we got there.


I knew that our daughter would love it, but I had heard mixed reviews & was not sure how I would feel about it. As it turns out, I loved it too. It was full of emotion, which made sense since all of the characters were actual emotions, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger & Disgust all played a part. I found myself crying through much of the movie. My husband even got a little choked up during it.

When we were leaving Mai asked us if we could go again tomorrow. “Maybe not tomorrow, baby.”

Joy was her favorite character. When we got home she wanted to change into a green dress because Joy wore a green dress. “I wish I had blue hair.” she told me. She started calling me Disgust & calling her daddy Anger. “Disgust, can I have some more juice please?” Even our dog Duke became a part of it. He was Sadness. All she could talk about the rest of the day was the movie. It seemed only fitting that we made a craft inspired by it.

Since she wanted us all to play our parts so badly, I thought that masks would be the most fun.

We painted 5 paper plates, one in the color of each character. We painted peach for Joy, blue for Sadness, green for Disgust, purple for Fear & red for Anger. We let them dry.


We did Sadness first.

I cut white ovals out of construction paper to make the eyes. I drew in eyeballs with magic markers & then glued the eyes into place.


I used another paper plate as a template & cut the hair out of construction paper.


I drew in eyebrows & then formed Sadness’ glasses out of pipe cleaners & glued them into place.


We finished off our mask by drawing in the nose & mouth & I used a lighter shade of blue paint to paint in the turtle neck of her sweater. I used blue magic marker to add the sweater’s details. I added two craft sticks to the back for the mask’s handle.


Inside Out Character Paper Plate Mask - Sadness

We finished off the rest of our cast of characters in the same fashion using construction paper & magic markers.


Inside Out Character Paper Plate Mask - Joy


Inside Out Character Paper Plate Mask - Anger


Inside Out Character Paper Plate Mask - Disgust


Inside Out Character Paper Plate Mask - Fear


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Hello Kitty Paper Plate Mask


My daughter loves Hello Kitty. I love that it is such a simple character to make. She watched Hello Kitty tonight while I made dinner.  In between steps, I made her a little surprise. It took about 5 minutes & left a smile on my daughter’s face.

Cut shapes out of construction paper for the kitty.


Glue all of the pieces to the paper plate.


Glue two craft sticks to the back of the plate to make your mask handle.




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Paper Plate Rudolph & Friends Inspired Masks

Paper Plate Rudolph & friends character masks - Christmas Crafts for the kids

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This holiday season with our daughter has been a fun one. She has a greater appreciation and understanding of the holidays this year & all the magic and wonder in her eyes make my heart smile. This is the first year of her watching the Christmas classics with us. She has enjoyed each and every one. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was on the other day. At first it frightened her because of the Abominable Snowman, but once we explained that he was nice, she loved him.

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Mr. Paper Plate Head Mask

Mister Paper Plate Mask - Mask with interchangeable felt pieces. Fun Crafts for kids.

We went to Applebee’s for dinner last night. Applebee’s has small laptops at each table that you can place your orders from. It also has a bunch of games & kid friendly apps. My daughter found one that allowed you to take photos of yourself & then add artwork to it. She thought this was great fun. She kept giving herself a mustache and laughing. I got a kick out of watching her and her mustached face.

Her funny faces inspired this paper plate craft.

Mr. Paper Plate Head Mask

What you will need:

Paper plate

Flesh-toned paint

Felt in different colors

Velcro tabs

Craft sticks


Magic markers



Paint a paper plate in a flesh tone. Let it dry. Glue two craft sticks to the back of the plate for your mask handle. Place Velcro tabs around the plate where you would like your facial features to be. Make sure that you use the rough end of the Velcro. Add one to the top of the mask handle for the bow ties.


Draw & cut out facial features such as eyes, noses, mouths, mustaches & ears. We also cut out glasses & assorted bow ties.

IMG_0076 IMG_0074









Let your child decorate their mask.

IMG_0100 IMG_0106

Add as many extra features as you like for more face varieties.

IMG_0122 IMG_0110 IMG_0117

Mai daughter thought the mustaches were funny here too.

Mister Paper Plate Head Mask - A fun changeable mask made out of felt pieces. Kid's crafts

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Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Masks

Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Character Masks - Milli & Geo

I love doing daily crafts with my daughter. It is fun to see what she can do & to come up with new ideas together. There are days when I can’t think of anything. I get a sort of crafter’s block. Luckily for me, when I can’t think of anything, my daughter weighs in her own ideas. Last night she wanted to make Umizoomi crafts. We were going to make egg carton Umizoomi characters, but as it turned out, we had use up all of our egg cartons. We decided to make paper plate masks instead.

Paper Plate Team Umizoomi Milli & Geo Masks

What you will need:

Paper Plates

Paint (red, blue ,pink, peach, yellow & white)

Red foam



Craft Sticks


Lightly draw a circle on the bottom of your paper plate as shown.


Paint within the circle with the peach paint & let it dry.


Paint a yellow outline around the peach.


Paint the rest of the plate in blue to form Geo & then in pink on another plate to form Milli.


Paint in the hair & eyebrows on both characters. Use a sharpie to draw in the eyes & mouth. Add in a little tongue & cheeks for Milli. Dab a bit of white into the eyes.

IMG_6487 IMG_6490

IMG_6488  IMG_6489

Glue two craft sticks together & then glue both sticks to the back of the plate to form your mask handle.

IMG_6492 IMG_6493

Meet Milli

Team Umizoomi Milli Paper plate mask

…And Geo

Team Umizoomi Geo Paper Plate mask


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Paper Plate Fire Breathing Dragon Mask


We ate at Wendy’s this weekend for dinner. My daughter got a kid’s meal. It came with little cut-outs from Dreamwork’s Dragons. My daughter was so excited about this. “Mama, what is this dragon’s name?” She asked me this with each character that she picked up. She played with these until bedtime. Right before she fell off to sleep, she asked me if we could make a dragon craft the next day. She woke in the morning still wanting to make her dragons, so of course dragons are what we made.

Paper Plate Fire Breathing Dragon Mask 

What you will need:

Paper plate

Solo cup

Tissue paper in red, yellow & orange

Acrylic paint

Googly eyes

Construction paper




Cut the bottom of the cup off & trim any jagged edges.


Outline the cup onto the bottom portion of the paper plate & cut out the circle.


Paint the plate in the colors of your dragon & let dry.


Cut out shapes for the dragon’s horns & head fins.



Cut out strips of the tissue paper to form the fire.


Tape the tissue strips into the cup with the strips sticking out of the cut end.


Put the cup through the hole in the plate & glue it in place. Add googly eyes & a craft stick for the mask handle.


Place the mask up to your face & blow through the cup to blow your fire.

IMG_5414  IMG_5431

This is fun for little kids & big kids alike.


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