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20 Fall Tree Arts & Crafts Ideas For Kids

20 Beautiful Fall Tree Arts & Crafts Ideas for kids - Autumn crafts for preschoolers..

I am a New Englander. I love the changes in seasons. I love winter, spring, summer & fall for very different reason. I know that we still have a lot of summer left & I am enjoying every bit of it, but I have to admit, I am looking forward to my favorite of all of the seasons. Fall is nearing & I cannot wait. I love the crisp autumn air, Halloween, apple picking, cider & the changing of the leaves. Fall trees are so beautiful & they offer great inspiration for arts & crafts. Here is a collection of wonderful fall tree projects that you can do with your kids.

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Acorn & Nature Crafts


Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day. With the weather getting cooler everyday, I wanted to make sure that we enjoyed every second of the outdoors as we could before the cold weather hits. We went for a walk to look at the foliage, we flew a kite & cleaned up our yard. The leaves have begun to fall & so have the acorns. Our yard is covered in acorns. My daughter helped me gather up the acorns. We filled up her Hello Kitty bag with them. Now what we were going to do with them all?

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20 Pasta Crafts For Kids

20 Pasta Crafts

I am sure that it is no surprise to my readers that I love pasta crafts. They are my favorite. As I have told you before, I have more pasta boxes set aside for crafting than I do for cooking. Here are 20 fun pasta crafts that you can do with your kids.

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Egg Carton Pumpkin & Jack-O-Lantern Crafts

Egg Carton Jack-O-Lantern Craft for kids. Fall autumn & Halloween Crafts & activities.

My picky daughter has recently discovered that she loved eggs. She like them in every form, scrambled, fried & hard-boiled.  This is great news to me, as my husband & I love them too. We just finished an extra-large carton of eggs. Normally, I would store the egg carton away to use for craft projects at a later date, but since we are moving I can no longer hoard things away. What does that mean to us? That means last night we made a lot of egg carton crafts.

We decided that we were going to make pumpkins & jack-o-lanterns, so we cut up our carton & painted each piece in orange & then let them dry.


For our first craft, we cut a stem & leaf out of construction paper.


We glued them down to another piece of paper. We took 7 carton pieces & glued them around each other to form a circle.



Here was Mai’s finished project. Don’t forget that each child’s abilities are different in crafting.


Mommy went a little further & made her project into a jack-o-lantern. We used construction paper for the face.


Egg Carton Jack-O-Lantern Craft for kids. Fall & Halloween Crafts & activities.

Next we made more jack-o-lanterns.

Glue two painted carton section to each other.


Cut out and glue a stem to the top.


Fold a pipe cleaner in half & curl the ends to form vines. Glue construction paper leaves to the end.


You may leave these as pumpkins or cut out small face pieces out of black construction paper.

Egg Carton Jack-o-lantern craft - kid's fall & Halloween crafts

Our last craft was a pumpkin patch.

We cut out a corn-stalk & glued it to the paper.


Glue the carton pieces around the stalk.


Draw in the stems, vines & leaves.

Egg Carton Pumpkin Patch Craft. Halloween & fall kid's crafts

We used up every bit of egg carton & made a ton of cute and fun crafts.

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Egg Carton Pumpkin & Jack-o-Lantern Crafts

23 Adorable Pumpkin Crafts For Kids

23 Adorable Pumpkin Crafts For Kids For The Fall

I know that I may be a little premature in my excitement, but my favorite season begins next month and I couldn’t be happier. I adore the fall & I feel the same way about fall crafts. This week we made our first pumpkin craft of the year. We made some simple cupcake liner pumpkins. We glued our liners down to a piece of paper with a glue stick & drew in our stems with markers.

IMG_5479 IMG_5480 IMG_5503

It was as easy as that. Our first pumpkin craft of the year was done.

Cupcake Liner Pumpkin Craft For Kids

I know this will be the first of many, as I love pumpkins. There are so many possibilities. If you love the fall & pumpkins as much as I do, here is a great list of ideas for you & your kids to do together.

Bottle Cap Pumpkins by Crafty Morning


Coffee Filter Pumpkins by The Happier Homemaker


Jack-o-lantern Potato Stamping by The Pinterested Parent


Little Pumpkin Suncatcher by Minne-Mama


Pumpkin Gift Bags by Glued To My Crafts Blog


Smoosh & Stamp Pumpkins by Happy Hooligans


Button Pumpkin by Adventure In A Box


Mini Glitter Pumpkins by The Pinterested Parent


Yarn Pumpkins by Enchanted Homeschooling Moms


Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Magnet by That Girl’s Life

popsicle-stick-pumpkin-magnet (1)

Easy Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft by One Creative Mommy


Pumpkin Seed Counting Puzzles by I Can Teach My Child


Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins by Crafty Morning


Pasta Shell Jack-O-Lanterns by The Pinterested Parent


Scissor Skill Pumpkins by Nurture Store 


How To Make A Paper Mache Pumpkin by Nikitaland

paper-mache-pumpkin-grin2 (1)

Terra Cotta Pot Pumpkin by Glue To My Crafts Blog


Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern by The Pinterested Parent


Stained Glass Pumpkin by Crafts On The Sea


Water Bottle Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern by Motherhood On A Dime


Felt Pumpkin Faces by Two Big Two Little


Toilet Paper Tube from Crafty Morning


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23 Adorable Pumpkin Crafts For Kids For The Fall

Button Indian Corn Craft

Button Indian Corn Craft - Fall / autumn arts and crafts for kids

September is upon us. Next week we say goodbye to August and inch that much closer to autumn. The fall decor is already in the stores. There are a ton of pumpkins, items adorned with leaves and ears of Indian corn. My daughter was very curious about the Indian corn. “Can you eat it, mama?” Does it taste like candy?” Is it like candy corn?” I have never tasted it and I do not think it tastes like candy corn, but it sure does look pretty. Last night we made some of that pretty corn in an easy fall craft.

Button Indian Corn Craft

Cut a husk out of green construction paper and a cob out of yellow paper.



Glue the cob onto a piece of construction paper & then glue the husk cut-out over the cob.


Glue buttons in yellows, whites, reds, browns and blacks onto the cob. Let your project dry.




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Button Indian Corn Craft - Fall & autumn crafts for kids


Watercolors & Pastels Indian Corn

Am I the only one obsessed with Indian corn? I am not exactly sure what it is about those colorful ears of corn, but I just love them. Indian corn is so pretty to me and it makes for fun arts and crafts for the fall. This easy to make Indian corn project is made using pastel resist and watercolors. The results are beautiful. 
Mixed Media Indian Corn with Pastels, watercolors and newspaper. Arts and crafts for kids. Fall and autumn painting projects

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Mixed Media Fallen Leaves

Fall is coming, my friends. Soon the air will get cooler and our landscapes will be filled with warm fall colors. I can hardly wait. I love the beauty of the changing leaves. They are even beautiful as they fall to the ground. My daughter and I made these lovely mixed media fallen leaves over the weekend to celebrate our love for the fall. I have to admit that, once again, my daughter’s project came out better than mine. So, here is my talented 6-year-old showing you how it is done.
Mixed Media Fallen Leaves Arts & Crafts Project - Use newspaper, watercolors and other media to make this lovely autumn / fall art project . Kids artwork # falling leaves

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CD Printed Fall Tree

We did a little bit of cleaning last week and stumbled across a ton of old scratched DVDs & CDs that do not play anymore. Since I hate throwing anything away, I was determined to make use of them. CDs are wonderful for a variety of crafts, but my favorite use for them is for making simple printmaking projects. These CD printed fall trees are quick, easy and perfect for the fall.

CD Printed Fall Tree - kids arts and craft for autumn. #painting #stamping #seasons

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