‘What Pet Should I Get’ Inspired Footprint Crafts

*This post contains affiliate links* My daughter loves books. She can not read yet, but she does know most of her books by heart. She can just as easily recite them to me, as have me read them to her. She has quite a long list of favorites & many of those favorites are Dr. […]

Footprint Animal Crafts A-Z Featuring U, V & W

Last night we tackled U, V & W in our footprint animal crafts from A-Z. That leaves us with only 3 more letters. These last few letters leave us with very few options. We opted to make a mythical animal for our U because of our lack of choices. Mai wanted a rainbow colored unicorn, […]

Footprint Animal Crafts From A – Z Featuring O, P & Q

We have been having a great time working on our footprint animals. I am excited to finish all of them from A-Z. They will make a lovely addition to our daughter’s new playroom in our new house. Our latest crafts are O for octopus, P for panda & Q for quail. Because of her new-found obsession […]

Footprint Animals From A-Z Featuring L, M & N

We are now more than halfway done with our footprint animal crafts from A – Z. It has been a fun project for Mai & I. She gets a kick out of seeing me turn her little feet into artwork & has learned about a few new animals. Last night our crafts covered the letters […]

Footprint Crafts I-K

Mai & I have been having so much fun working our way through the alphabet with our A-Z animal footprint crafts. She has lovingly coined them “stinky foot crafts”. Our latest batch of stinky foot crafts are from I-K. I is for Iguana As with all of our footprint crafts, it all begins with a […]