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25 Rain Themed Arts, Crafts & Activities

Rain, rain, please don’t go away. We are ready for some rain themed crafts and play.

Not everybody likes rainy days. Once that first drop falls, many people run for cover, but not us. My daughter and I love the rain. It is beautiful. It is soothing and it makes things grow. What’s not to love? With spring approaching, we are ready to dive into some rain themed arts, crafts and play. If you are looking for some fun rainy ideas too, check out some of these fun and amazing ideas.
25 Rain themed arts, crafts and activities for the spring. Kids arts and crafts ideas. Painting, science Toddlers and preschoolers

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Stick and Stone Winter Crafts

The winter is officially here and we enjoyed a couple of snowy days this week to welcome the start of winter. We played outside in the snow all day yesterday and took in all of the beauty of the season. Watching the snowfall and looking at the snow-covered trees was enough to inspire some winter crafting.

We love working with clay and nature items. We have a collection of sticks and stones set aside for occasions just like this.

Sticks and stones winter nature crafts - use clay, salt dough or play dough to set these pretty seasonal arts and crafts projects for kids, rock snowman, twig snowflake & Christmas tree
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Marshmallow Painted Christmas Crafts

I know what you all are thinking. We have not even made it through Halloween yet, why are we already sharing Christmas crafts. Well, our first official snowfall just hit us in October. Our fireplace was lit for the first time this season and it was accompanied by hot cocoa with marshmallows.Use jumbo marshmallows to make these adorable Christmas and winter crafts - paint stamp to make a snowman, gingerbread man, or a Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Arts and crafts for kids And preschoolers

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While digging out our marshmallows, I found an old bag of jumbo marshmallows which were just too big and soft to resist. Marshmallows make wonderful paint stamps and are just fun to paint with because of their soft, bouncy texture.

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Coiled Fall Trees

Ok! I am slightly obsessed with fall trees, but why wouldn’t I be? They are beautiful and so fun to make.Yarn Coiled fall and autumn trees with sequins. You can try this with pipe cleaners for the smaller kids. Great for fine motor skills. Check out the pipe cleaner coiled tree made by my 4 year old. Arts & crafts

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As you may know, we love working with yarn and I had an idea for a fall tree craft using yarn. I drew a swirly branched tree onto a piece of construction paper and cut a bunch of small pieces of yarn and coiled them with my fingers to glue around the branches. I thought that this would be a great fine motor activity as well as a pretty craft for my daughter.

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Warhol Inspired Fall Pop Art

Andy Warhol inspired pop art painting. Fall, autumn arts & crafts for the kids.

I know that there is still about a month left in the summer and as much as I don’t want to rush it, I am excited for the fall. I am! I admit it. Autumn is my favorite season and I’m not ashamed to say it. I am a fan of the fall.

I am also a fan of Andy Warhol. Here I am with his wax sculpture at Madam Tussauds.

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Acorn & Nature Crafts


Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day. With the weather getting cooler everyday, I wanted to make sure that we enjoyed every second of the outdoors as we could before the cold weather hits. We went for a walk to look at the foliage, we flew a kite & cleaned up our yard. The leaves have begun to fall & so have the acorns. Our yard is covered in acorns. My daughter helped me gather up the acorns. We filled up her Hello Kitty bag with them. Now what we were going to do with them all?

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Popsicle Stick Ghost Window Crafts

Popsicle stick Ghost Window - Halloween and fall arts & crafts for kids

We have made quite a few fall & Halloween crafts over the past few weeks. Last week we made a fall window scenes. I made a fall tree, while Mai chose to make monsters in the windows. It was a fun craft for both of us. Last night, she wanted to make more window crafts. We used popsicle sticks to make our windows last night. We put ghosts & a glittery spider in our windows, but you may choose to put anything in yours. An owl, bats, a witch or a haunting moon would be great options as well.

What you will need:

6 popsicle sticks

Acrylic paint

Googly eyes

Construction paper




Paint 6 popsicle sticks in the color of your choice. I went with black, while Mai chose to make a pink window. Let the paint dry.



Glue 4 sticks together to form a square.



Glue the other 2 sticks through the middle to form a cross.

Cut a square out of construction paper in the same size as the window.


Glue a cut-out of a ghost to the square & then glue the window over it.


Use glue to add googly eyes to the ghost. Glue a button on for the mouth.



Glue a piece of string or yarn to the back of the window.



We made a glitter spider web in Mai’s window.


They all came out so cute that we had to hang them in our front window.

Popsicle stick Ghost Window - Halloween and fall arts & crafts for kids

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50+ Mask Crafts For Your Kids

50 Mask Crafts for kids

September is coming to an end already & with October quickly approaching, we are starting to get ready for Halloween. When I think of Halloween, I think of ghosts and goblins, jack-o-lanterns, candy, costumes & masks. My daughter loves to dress up and play games of make believe. We have made many masks and have stumbled across many great ones too. Here is a list of some of our favorites. They are made of everything from paper plates & egg cartons to leaves and paper mache.


Nature Owl Masks by Fun Stuff To Do

Emotion Masks by The Pinterested Parent

Vintage Swimmer Paper Plate Mask by Pink Stripey Socks

2 Vintage Swimmer Paper Plate Mask Kids Craft

Superhero Paper Plate Masks by Meaningful Mama

Superhero-Paper-Plate-Mask-with-Free-Printable-Template-560x800 (1)

Halloween Skull Mask by Red Ted Art

Monster Masks from Crafts Unleashed

Mardi Gras Hand Print Face Mask by Stockpiling Moms


Egg Carton Eye Masks from The Pinterested Parent


Baymax Face Masks by Makes & Takes

Adorable Lion Mask by

Click Clack Moo Paper Plate Masks by ABC Creative Learning


Dr. Seuss Mask by Mighty Media Press Blog


Uncle Sam Mask Craft by Fantastic Fun & Learning

Paper Owl Masks by What The Craft

Paper Plate Scarecrow Mask by The Pinterested Parent


DIY Emoji Masks by Alice & Lois


Water Color Paper Plate Fairy Mask by Kids Activities Blog

‘Where The Wild Things Are’ Mask by Spins & Needles Blog

Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Mask by Homeketeers


Hello Kitty Mask by The Pinterested Parent

Hello Kitty Paper Plate Mask

Paper Plate Sheep Mask by Danya Banya

Paper Plate Santa Mask by Susan Weinroth

Polar Bear Masks by I Heart Crafty Things

Polar Bear Mask

Paper Plate Bear Mask by I Heart Crafty Things

Paper Plate Bear Mask

Paper Bag & Leaf Animal Masks by Handmade Charlotte

Masquerade Masks by First Palette

‘Inside Out’ Inspired Character Masks by The Pinterested Parent


‘Home’ Inspired Oh Mask by The Pinterested Parent


Paper Plate Panda Masks by Fiestas Y cumples

Paper Plate Cheetah Mask by Learn Create Love

Letter “Z” Zebra Mask from East Coast Mommy

zebra mask

DIY Paper Mache Animal Masks by Ambeau


My Little Pony Party Masks With Printable By Illistyle

DIY Paper Fan Arctic Animals by Mr. Printables

Funny Face Paper Plate Masks by Preschool Crafts For Kids

I hope you enjoyed our round-up.

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50+ Creative Mask Crafts For Kids - Perfect for Halloween Dress-up games or pretend play

20 Pasta Crafts For Kids

20 Pasta Crafts

I am sure that it is no surprise to my readers that I love pasta crafts. They are my favorite. As I have told you before, I have more pasta boxes set aside for crafting than I do for cooking. Here are 20 fun pasta crafts that you can do with your kids.

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Egg Carton Pumpkin & Jack-O-Lantern Crafts

Egg Carton Jack-O-Lantern Craft for kids. Fall autumn & Halloween Crafts & activities.

My picky daughter has recently discovered that she loved eggs. She like them in every form, scrambled, fried & hard-boiled.  This is great news to me, as my husband & I love them too. We just finished an extra-large carton of eggs. Normally, I would store the egg carton away to use for craft projects at a later date, but since we are moving I can no longer hoard things away. What does that mean to us? That means last night we made a lot of egg carton crafts.

We decided that we were going to make pumpkins & jack-o-lanterns, so we cut up our carton & painted each piece in orange & then let them dry.


For our first craft, we cut a stem & leaf out of construction paper.


We glued them down to another piece of paper. We took 7 carton pieces & glued them around each other to form a circle.



Here was Mai’s finished project. Don’t forget that each child’s abilities are different in crafting.


Mommy went a little further & made her project into a jack-o-lantern. We used construction paper for the face.


Egg Carton Jack-O-Lantern Craft for kids. Fall & Halloween Crafts & activities.

Next we made more jack-o-lanterns.

Glue two painted carton section to each other.


Cut out and glue a stem to the top.


Fold a pipe cleaner in half & curl the ends to form vines. Glue construction paper leaves to the end.


You may leave these as pumpkins or cut out small face pieces out of black construction paper.

Egg Carton Jack-o-lantern craft - kid's fall & Halloween crafts

Our last craft was a pumpkin patch.

We cut out a corn-stalk & glued it to the paper.


Glue the carton pieces around the stalk.


Draw in the stems, vines & leaves.

Egg Carton Pumpkin Patch Craft. Halloween & fall kid's crafts

We used up every bit of egg carton & made a ton of cute and fun crafts.

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Egg Carton Pumpkin & Jack-o-Lantern Crafts