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Colored Oats Fall Tree Craft

Fall Tree made out of colored oats. A great sensory & arts and craft project for the kids for the fall autumn

I love the fall. It is my favorite season & there are so many reasons why, but the biggest of them all is the changing leaves. One of the advantages of living in New England is being able to take in the breathtaking autumn views. It is no surprise then that my favorite of all of the fall crafts is autumn trees.

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23 Adorable Pumpkin Crafts For Kids

23 Adorable Pumpkin Crafts For Kids For The Fall

I know that I may be a little premature in my excitement, but my favorite season begins next month and I couldn’t be happier. I adore the fall & I feel the same way about fall crafts. This week we made our first pumpkin craft of the year. We made some simple cupcake liner pumpkins. We glued our liners down to a piece of paper with a glue stick & drew in our stems with markers.

IMG_5479 IMG_5480 IMG_5503

It was as easy as that. Our first pumpkin craft of the year was done.

Cupcake Liner Pumpkin Craft For Kids

I know this will be the first of many, as I love pumpkins. There are so many possibilities. If you love the fall & pumpkins as much as I do, here is a great list of ideas for you & your kids to do together.

Bottle Cap Pumpkins by Crafty Morning


Coffee Filter Pumpkins by The Happier Homemaker


Jack-o-lantern Potato Stamping by The Pinterested Parent


Little Pumpkin Suncatcher by Minne-Mama


Pumpkin Gift Bags by Glued To My Crafts Blog


Smoosh & Stamp Pumpkins by Happy Hooligans


Button Pumpkin by Adventure In A Box


Mini Glitter Pumpkins by The Pinterested Parent


Yarn Pumpkins by Enchanted Homeschooling Moms


Popsicle Stick Pumpkin Magnet by That Girl’s Life

popsicle-stick-pumpkin-magnet (1)

Easy Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft by One Creative Mommy


Pumpkin Seed Counting Puzzles by I Can Teach My Child


Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins by Crafty Morning


Pasta Shell Jack-O-Lanterns by The Pinterested Parent


Scissor Skill Pumpkins by Nurture Store 


How To Make A Paper Mache Pumpkin by Nikitaland

paper-mache-pumpkin-grin2 (1)

Terra Cotta Pot Pumpkin by Glue To My Crafts Blog


Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern by The Pinterested Parent


Stained Glass Pumpkin by Crafts On The Sea


Water Bottle Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern by Motherhood On A Dime


Felt Pumpkin Faces by Two Big Two Little


Toilet Paper Tube from Crafty Morning


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23 Adorable Pumpkin Crafts For Kids For The Fall

Paint Chip Mosaic Fall Tree Craft

As you all know, we are getting ready to move in the fall. Our new home is still under construction & we have so many decisions still to make. We have cabinets & counter tops to pick out, we need to decide on new appliances & we have to figure out what color paint we want on all of our walls. I have been having a difficult time picking out our paint colors. Every time I think that I have picked the colors that I want, I change my mind & collect more samples. I have paint swatches everywhere. After a lot of thought, I think that I finally came to a decision.

Paint Chip Mosaic Fall Tree Craft

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Pine Cone & Play-Doh Turkey Crafts


One of my favorite parts of my daughter’s days at daycare are receiving her daily reports & seeing all of the craft projects that she brings home. I love seeing her beautiful crafts, even the ones that she does with someone else.

This week she brought home a lovely fall one.  It was branches bound together & decorated with Play-Doh. Miss Laura said that Mai worked on it for 2 hours.


This weekend there was a sale on Play-Doh at the supermarket, so I stocked up. Mai was so excited when I came home with a box filled with 24 different shades of it. She dove right in & started creating.


She is becoming quite the little artist. Her imagination is developing so quickly. I watched her as she kneaded & forms different shapes & put them together. She explained to me as she molded her creation what she was making.  “Look mama, a frog! He has a blue fly on his tongue.” I have to admit, I was very proud.


She did not stop there. “Look Mama, I made Dukey’s poop.” Oh dear! It does look like Dukey’s poop.


Since we already were in such a crafty mood & had a table full of Play-Doh, I thought we could make something together.

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

This just require pine cones & Play-doh. I used craft pine cones only because they were handy. You can use ones from your yard as well.

Form & mold the turkey’s head to the fat part of the pine cone. Show your child how to do it & let them do it to their own.
(If your pine cone is wobbly, place a chunk of Play-doh underneath to keep sturdy.)



Form long oval shaped pieces to use as the turkey feathers.


Insert towards the back between the pine cone scales.



Again, show your little one how to do it.



Add the beak. Older children may be able to do this step, but the smaller hands might need the help. Mai asked mama to make her turkey face.


Add the eyes next.


Add the turkey’s waddle & you are done.


Mini Pumpkin Crafts

Pumpkin Family

Last weekend was a big fun fall weekend for us. We did our hayride, went apple picking, went to the fair & picked pumpkins too.

IMG_5260  IMG_5287

This weekend, in the aftermath of a bad tummy virus, we put a hold on our plans to go to the corn maze & leaf peeping. All is well now, but I wanted Mai to continue to rest at home rather than running around. Last weekend we picked up a lot of pumpkins. I bought two full sized ones for carving, but Mai really wanted the little pumpkins because they were so cute.

The mini pumpkins were great because they were just the right size for my little pumpkin. She may still be too small to be wielding carving tools, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have some fun. Pumpkins are not just for Jack-O-Lanterns anymore, after all.

Painting Pumpkins

We painted pumpkins mid-week. She is getting to be such a great little painter. She painted one pumpkin red with a green stem. “Look mama, it looks like an apple.” It really does.

IMG_5301 IMG_5308

Yesterday she asked to paint more pumpkins, so we did. Then we broke out the glue & the glitter for some extra fun. Seriously nothing lights my daughter’s face up faster than the prospect of pouring glue & glitter on something. This is a super easy, moderately messy, but very cute craft. Simply let your artist pour or paint on the glue & then shake on the glitters of your choice. Let dry & then shake off the excess glitter. Use paper or drop cloths to work on & to catch the glitter. When you are done, if you are stingy like me, you can pour the excess glitter back into its container for next time.

Glitter Pumpkins

IMG_5388 IMG_5389 IMG_5393

Mai had so much fun making these. She even made one as a present for her Auntie Linda. “I make this one for Auntie Linda. She is so proud of me.” I bet Auntie is going to love it.

Mai's are in front & mommy's are in the back.
Mai’s are in front & mommy’s are in the back.

Glitter pumpkins Glitter Pumpkins - a pretty craft for kids or for adults

Our little pumpkin family.

As I have told you before, our daughter has a very strong sense of family. It is extremely cute how she refers to everything in terms of mama, dada & baby. When we were picking the pumpkins, she would tell me, “This is mama pumpkin, daddy pumpkin & the baby pumpkin.” And so they shall be.

Draw out you pumpkin family's faces & then carefully carve out.
Draw out you pumpkin family’s faces & then carefully carve out.

For daddy pumpkin, I fashioned him a Patriots hat out of foam.

 IMG_5374 IMG_5377 IMG_5378

For mommy pumpkin, I just hot glued some yarn to the top of the pumpkin. I did the same for the baby & then braid the hair into pigtails
For mommy pumpkin, I just hot glued some yarn to the top of the pumpkin. I did the same for the baby & then braided the hair into pigtails
I hot glued all 3 pumkins together, putting the daddy on the bottom, mommy in the middle & baby on top. I used a pipe cleaner as a scarf for the mama.
I hot glued all 3 pumpkins together, putting the daddy on the bottom, mommy in the middle & baby on top. I used a pipe cleaner as a scarf for the mama.

It looks just like us doesn’t it? These were all so much fun, I think we will have to pick up more pumpkins next weekend.

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Glitter Pumpkins .jpg

Tissue Box Wheelbarrow Craft

Working Wheelbarrow made out of a tissue box. Cute fall crafts for kids.

We have been doing a lot of work on our house the last few weeks to prepare it to go on the market. We finally finished our cellar, repainted our living room ceiling & did some much-needed gardening. Mai has been helping mama a lot & it turns out that she really likes gardening.


With all of the weeding & pruning that we had to do, the wheelbarrow was my new best friend. Mai, of course, wanted to push it around, but it was a bit to big, heavy & clumsy for my little girl to maneuver. It did give me an idea for a wheelbarrow craft with a functioning wheel though.

Tissue Box Wheelbarrow

Things you will need:

Tissue Box


Craft stick

Large button


Sticks or dowels



Cut the top of the tissue box off & cut off most of one side leaving a slight lip.

IMG_6355 IMG_6356

Paint the box & 6 craft sticks.

IMG_6365 IMG_6364

Glue two parallel sticks underneath the box on the cut end as shown. The open side should be at the top. Glue two more sticks onto the other end so that they slant towards one another as shown.


Stick a toothpick through  a hole in the large button. Place the button in between the two slanted craft sticks & glue the toothpick in place to secure.


Glue two more crafts sticks underneath the parallel sticks. Glue 3 dowels or wooden sticks together to form a brace for your wheel barrow & glue it between the two craft sticks.. (I glued a button on either end of the brace for more glue surface & stability.)



I painted a tree trunk & added button leaves to dress up our wheelbarrow a bit. You may decorate yours however you choose.


Mai had a lot of fun wheeling it around. We filled it with leaves from outside & she had a little indoor gardening fun with it.


Tissue Box Wheelbarrow Craft - working wheelbarrow. cute fall craft

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Acorn Scarecrow Stick Puppets

Acorn Scarecrow Stick Puppet Craft - Fall fun for the kids

Last night I took the dog for a walk around our yard.  While we were walking, I could not help but notice how many acorns were on the ground. There were so many perfect little acorns. I began to pick them up & before I knew it I had an armful. I thought my daughter & I could make some fun fall crafts with them. I wanted to make scarecrows out of them & crafts sticks. My daughter had a different idea in mind & decided to make acorn soup instead. 

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