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What Puzzles Have Taught My Toddler & Me

I think most mothers can agree that they feel a sense of pride when someone compliments them on their child, whether it is how cute they are, or well behaved, sweet or intelligent. It is nice to hear. I have been told for a long time how smart our daughter is.  I have even had a few friends of ours with children ask for our secrets. I would like to take all the credit for it, but I do think much of it she was just born with. Of course we want to help our little one’s mind along & we do so by reading to her often, answering her never ending list of questions and by doing puzzles.


Kids learn to love puzzles from an early age. What’s not to love? They are bright & colorful with lots of pieces to play with and fun pictures. Puzzles aid in developing their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and cognitive thinking. One thing that they taught me was I should not underestimate my child’s ability to learn based on her age.

At only two years of age my daughter knows all of her U.S states. She knows them by shape, location & name. She learned all of this from doing a puzzle. When we received the foam puzzle as a gift, I never imagined that she would actually be able to do it, but I would take it apart and rebuild it with her daily, pointing out and naming the states as I went. So sufficed to say we were shocked the day that she corrected her uncle as he was trying to place Idaho in the wrong spot. “No Uncle Pete, Idaho goes next to Washington.” From that day on she did her puzzle on her own without mommy’s help.


Don’t mind the fact that Massachusetts is missing.

From there we continued with the geography lessons. We introduced a new puzzle with all of the countries. The countries were all represented by animals indigenous to their region. “Look mama, the Panda bear lives in China.” Yes it does, baby. Yes it does. We now try to teach her everything regardless of how advanced it might seem.  I will never underestimate my child again.



25 Snowflake Arts and Crafts for Kids

I am kind of addicted to snowflake crafts. I love the symmetry and since no two snowflakes are the same, think of all of the design possibilities. I could make snowflakes all day and with all of these wonderful snowflake craft ideas, I really could. There are snowflakes made with paper, snowflakes sewn with yarn, snowflakes made out of hand prints and even snowflakes painted on rocks. Which is your favorite?25 snowflake arts and crafts ideas. Winter & Christmas arts and crafts projects for kids.

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20 Fall Tree Arts & Crafts Ideas For Kids

20 Beautiful Fall Tree Arts & Crafts Ideas for kids - Autumn crafts for preschoolers..

I am a New Englander. I love the changes in seasons. I love winter, spring, summer & fall for very different reason. I know that we still have a lot of summer left & I am enjoying every bit of it, but I have to admit, I am looking forward to my favorite of all of the seasons. Fall is nearing & I cannot wait. I love the crisp autumn air, Halloween, apple picking, cider & the changing of the leaves. Fall trees are so beautiful & they offer great inspiration for arts & crafts. Here is a collection of wonderful fall tree projects that you can do with your kids.

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Great Lego Party Ideas for the Kids

Time has flown by so quickly. My little girl turned 5 last week and I can hardly believe it. A few months ago, I asked my daughter what kind of party she wanted. She asked for a Lego party and an art party. I loved the idea of having both. Both would be wonderfully interactive for my daughter and all of her guests.Great Lego themed birthday party ideas for kids. decorations, food and activities. Kid's

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I have to admit, I love throwing parties, especially theme parties. I knew that my daughter and I would have fun with this one.

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Egyptian Pyramid Craft

Egyptian pyramid craft for kids - preschooler arts & craft activities - EgyptA funny thing happened the other night. My husband was watching a documentary on TV about the pyramids. Our 4 year old daughter climbed up on the couch and sat with him to see what he was watching and almost immediately became fascinated by it. She was mesmerized. She asked question after question and was repeating some of the information that she just learned in amazement. When we went to the library yesterday, she asked that we find her a book on the pyramids, which we did. Her fascination continued. “Mama, I want to go to Egypt.” Me too!  I don’t think a trip to Egypt is in our immediate future, but we can continue to explore more on the great pyramids and have a little bit of inspired craft fun while we learn.


We made our own simple pyramids with some construction paper & paint. We cut a large triangle out of yellow construction paper.


We cut the triangle into strips.


We brushed paint over each of the strips with a bronze colored paint.


We set the strips aside to dry.


Using a glue stick we glued all of the pieces to a piece of 12″x 12″ blue scrapbook paper, just like we were putting back together a puzzle.


My daughter wanted her strips spaced out, while I pieced mine together tightly.



After all of the pieces are in place. We used cotton balls to form clouds.

Egyptian pyramid craft for kids - preschooler arts & craft activities - Egypt.

Our pyramids were fun to make. Hopefully, we will get a chance to see them up close & in person some day, but until then we are having fun learning about them.

Egyptian pyramid craft for kids - preschooler arts & craft activities - Egypt,,

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Clay & Rock Nature Crafts

My daughter and I are always trying to come up with new arts & crafts ideas. My 4 year old has quite the creative mind & brings a lot of amazing ideas to the table. We like to think of new projects, but there are still some favorites that we can do over & over again. My daughter’s favorite activity is making nature islands out of clay & items that we collect from our yard. We gather art supplies from our backyard often.

Clay Rock Nature Funny Faces - a fun summer arts crafts project for the kids

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Yesterday, we collected a pile of small pebbles and then rinsed & dried them off.  We were originally going to make our nature islands, but my daughter inspired us towards a different direction.

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Polymer Clay Cupcake Craft

Polymer Clay Cupcakes - This is a great arts & craft project & can be used for pretend play for the kids after making.
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I recently discovered my love for polymer clay. My daughter and I play with Play-doh & homemade salt dough often & we love it, but I just love the feel & look of the polymer. My daughter has been loving playing with it too.

One of her favorite things to make which her doughs & clays is pretend cakes & cookies. She loves to play bakeshop.

We had some mini cupcake liners. We used them to form our clay cupcakes.

We both pressed a clump of clay into our liners. We pressed it in tight, so that the liner would make an imprint on the clay. I kept the liner in a stack so that the liner would keep its shape & not spread out while we worked with it.

IMG_8831 IMG_8828

We used another color & formed a flat circle to lay over the top of the first layer.

IMG_8832 IMG_8834IMG_8829

I rolled out a clump of clay so that it formed a long strand & then I circled the strand in a spiral around the top to form the frosting.



The fun part is decorating your little cakes. Add little clay specks for sprinkles or a circle for a cherry, form flowers or anything else that you & your little baker can come up with.

Polymer Clay Cupcakes - This is a great arts & craft project & can be used for pretend play for the kids after making..

My little baker threw her original design out the window & opted for a fancier cake, complete with lady & handbag on top. She put it in a larger liner & then told me that her cupcake could eat my cupcakes. That gave me a chuckle.

Polymer clay arts & crafts projects for kids.

Next, we baked our tasty treats per package directions. These will all make a great additional to my daughter’s little bakeshop.

Polymer Clay Cupcakes - This is a great arts & craft project & can be used for pretend play for the kids after making.

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