11 Artist Inspired Projects For Kids

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11 Amazing Artist Inspired Art Projects For Kids


don’t know how many of you might remember the board game Masterpiece. This was one of my favorite games as a child, not because of the strategy of the game, but simply because of the artwork. It came with a deck of brightly colored cards filled with famous works of art that I loved.


I took a lot of inspiration from those cards. I tried to recreate them & wanted to learn more about the artists that painted them. Not every kid my age shared in this interest.

Lucky for me, I have a little girl that does share in her mother’s passion for art. We draw & paint daily & have dabbled in a variety of different processes & mediums. Recently, I have been feeling inspired to introduce her to some of the great artists that fascinated me as a child.  I have found a lovely array of kid’s crafts & projects inspired by some of these greats.

Please check out all of these wonderful artist inspired crafts. Follow the links or click on the photos for craft tutorials & to learn more.

A Little Pinch Of PerfectMonet Inspired Cup Cake Liner Water Lilies 

Monet Inspired Water and Lily Pad Painting A Little Pinch of Perfect Title 3 copy

Red Ted Art – Exploring Klimpt: Klimpt Inspired Stamping


Kid’s Activities Blog – Picasso Inspired Tree Ornaments

Picasso Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments

Happiness is Homemade – Kandinsky Inspired Concentric Circles Collage


Painted Paper In The Art Room – Georgia O’Keefe’s Inspired Poppies

Recently Updated1

Simply Art Lessons – Klee Inspired Portraits


Pink Stripey Socks – Matisse Murals

matisse mural 2

Handmade Kid’s Art – Monet Toddler Art Projects


Harrington Harmonies – Paint Like Seurat Pointillism


Happiness Is Homemade – Piet Mondrian Inspired Art


And from yours truly – Salvador Dali Paper Plate Melting Clocks

Salvador Dali Inspired Paper Plate Clock Craft


Here is one bonus project that I recently discovered in my closet. Here is a Warhol inspired pop art portrait I made of my daughter a while ago.


Pop Art - Andy Warhol inspired portrait pop art

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