Bubble Wrap Printed Flowers

Bubble wrap is a ton of fun and it’s not just because of the popping. It is wonderful for arts and crafts. It has a great texture and makes a fun printmaking material. Next time you have bubble wrap, instead of popping it, try making one of these simple and pretty printed flowers.

Bubble Wrap printed flowers - kid's arts and craft. Printmaking and stamping ideas for the spring and summer

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Dandelion Lions Nature Craft

These spring dandelions sure do make dandy little lions.

The spring has sprung and so have all of the dandelions. If your yard is anything like mine, it is covered in them.  My daughter loves to pick them. She weeds our yard all the time and doesn’t even realize it. She picked me a bunch the other day and we started talking about how dandelion sounds like dandy lion. My daughter cleverly pointed out to me that the dandelion looked like a lion’s mane. That is what inspired this simple “dandy lions” nature craft.

Dandelion Lions - Easy nature arts and crafts for kids. Flower craft ideas for the spring and summer

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Painting With Make-up Brushes

Do not toss your old make-up brushes, use them to create something fun.

My daughter loves trying to play with my make-up brushes. So she was excited when I treated myself to new make-up and brushes this week and set my old applicators and brushes aside for her. We thought that the applicators would be fun to paint with. We weren’t wrong.
Painting with make-up brushes. Process art projects for preschoolers and kids.

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