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Cocoa & Cookies Craft

Hot cocoa & chocolate chip cookie craft for winter - kids crafts and activities

Today is my husband’s birthday. My daughter wanted to make him a bunch of drawings & crafts yesterday in anticipation for his big day. She drew up a storm. She made him cards & pictures. One drawing in particular that she made that was so great was one of a mug of cocoa & some chocolate chip cookies.


It came out so great & she was so proud of it when she showed me. “Will daddy like it?” “He is going to love it”, I told her.  I loved it too. I loved it so much, that I wanted us to make a craft copying her same design.

For this craft you will need:

Construction paper




Cotton balls


Draw a mug shape out to a piece of construction paper & cut it out. I messed up a bit on the sketch, so used my drawing cut-out as a template.

IMG_0680 IMG_0682

Cut out a dark brown pointed oval to form your cocoa & glue it onto the cup.


Cut out circles & ovals out of light brown paper for your cookies & cut a large white oval for your plate. You can use a marker to draw a ring around your white paper to make it look a bit more like a plate.

IMG_0686 IMG_0684

Glue the plate & mug down onto a piece of paper.



Glue the cookies on the plate & the buttons as chocolate chips. I had cut out a couple of cookies with bites taken out of them & some crumbs, but Mai insisted that all her cookies had to be whole. She did not want anyone biting “her” cookies.

IMG_0713 IMG_0720

Pull apart a cotton ball a bit & glue it to the top of the cocoa  for whipped cream & use a marker to draw in steam. Since Mai doesn’t like cream on her cocoa in real life, she did not want it on her cocoa craft either.


Hot cocoa & cookies craft - winter crafts for kids

My daughter’s inspiration turned out a cute craft. Daddy is going to love all of his birthday presents. Happy Birthday, honey!!

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