Patchwork Quilt Sewing Craft & Activity

Patchwork Quilt Sewing Craft & Activity

This is a great fine motor skill activity as well as a bright and pretty arts & craft project for the kids. Patchwork quilt sewing with foam pieces

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A few weeks ago, my daughter & I made sew & weave Easter bonnets. She really enjoyed working with the plastic sewing needle.  She liked it & took to it so well that I wanted to give her more sewing projects. Her nana is a quilter, so  she know a lot about quilts. I thought making a quilt craft would be a fun activity for her.

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Patchwork Craft

Patch work quilt kid's craft


My mother-in-law has a wonderful talent.  She makes the most beautiful quilts. Our daughter has been lucky enough to have been the recipient of a few of her nana’s creations. For her birthday last month nana made her this eye spy quilt. I love it so much that I even made it the backdrop to my blog.





Nana’s quilt was the inspiration for our crafts tonight.

Patchwork Craft

Things you need:

Construction paper




Optional: crayons,markers,stampers, sticker, tissue paper


Cut different colored construction paper into six 3 1/2X 3 1/2 squares. Let your child paint, stamp, glue glitter or tissue papers to the squares to make different designs. Let them decorate them however they like.




Set the squares aside & let dry.



Glue the squares down on another piece of construction paper, making sure to space them out evenly.



Draw different patterns in the spacing.






Mai did such a beautiful job with this craft. While I watched her paint, she told me “I like doing projects with my mama.” I love doing them with you too, baby girl.