Chalkboard Floor


I have seen & heard about chalkboard paint for a while now. I have seen it used on everything from full walls to refrigerators, coffee tables & baking sheets. Some of the projects I have seen have blown me away. One woman had a chalkboard accent wall behind her bed. She designed her own chalk headboard and chalk wall hangings. Amazing!
I have always wanted to try it because let’s face it, the stuff is pretty cool. I am not quite as ambitious as some of the great ideas that I have come across. I merely wanted a fun little area for my daughter to doodle on.

Mai has a fenced in play area in our living room with foam matting & a kitchen & toy boxes. I wanted to make her a small area on the floor to draw on kind of like a sidewalk.
I have seen the paint used on wood, metal & glass & heard that you could use cardboard as long as it is sturdy.

I opted to try it on cardboard since this was my first attempt & I have plenty of it readily available.

I used the chalkboard spray paint. I found the spray paint to be rather messing. I followed the instructions but the can leaked a lot, so make sure to use gloves. I think the next time I will try the roll on.

I found a sturdy piece of cardboard. Make sure if choosing cardboard to use on that is rigid & that will not crack or indent if you put pressure on it. Peel of any tapes or stickers until the cardboard is smooth and clean.


The fumes are strong, so I brought my project outside to use. I placed a second piece of cardboard underneath to collect overspray.


The can recommends using two coats. I covered 4-5 times until I finished the can.


I removed one of the foam mats in Mai’s play area & placed the finished project in its place tucking it under the surrounding foam squares.


I show Mai her new chalkboard & she asks mommy to draw a train.


My little girl dives right in to her new bucket of chalk
& shows off her artistic skills.


Mai loved this & so did mommy. The paint works just as well as everyone says that it does. I can’t wait to find something else to paint.

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