Exploring my Toddler’s Imagination – The Rorschach experiment


I think my toddler’s mind is a fascinating thing. I will sometimes sit and stare at her & watch as her brain processes what is in front of her. Today she turns 23 months old. She is entering a new stage in her development right now. Her imagination is evolving right before our eyes.
It started slowly, with simple copy cat acts such as pretending to talk on the phone or tucking in her baby to go to sleep.

Hello! Hold on, I have to take this call on my other remote.

Hello! Hold on, I have to take this call on my other remote.

Night, night!


Her mimicking actions have gradually increased over the last few months. In addition to the role playing activities, she has recently been showing growth in her creative imagination.

Yesterday as she was painting, she pointed to her creation…


“Frog! Frog in a pond.”

This amazed me. I could not believe that my baby girl made this connection.

She painted me another picture…


This one, she told mommy, was a dolphin.

HOLY CRAP! My daughter is a genius.

This really made me curious.Β It was so interesting to me how Mai’s mind processed these abstract images. I wanted to hear more of my daughter’s observations.

Her paintings brought to mind Rorschach’s ink blot pictures. It made me wonder how Mai would process those images. What would the creative mind of my little girl see? Let’s find out.

I did not have any ink handy. To make my ink blots, I just cut black acrylics paint with water. I used an old medicine dropper & splatted the paper in different patterns. While still wet, I folded the paper in half & then reopened to achieve my ink blot picture.






I made a number of them for our experiment. Here are the blots & their results.


A bear


A tree




2 bears


This she just said was an animal. She did not specify which.


Another tree


She held this one sideways. This was a cloud.


I am not a psychologist, so I can’t offer any professional opinions towards our experiment. I can only say that I am excited to see that my daughter’s creative mind is blossoming. We will continue to try to offer her outlets to express this creativity.

I actually like the look of the inkblots. I am planning on having these framed & hanging them in our art hallway. What do you think?

Up next…Daddy’s Turkey Soup


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  1. What a great Bloggy Moms blog to stumble upon! I have always loved watching children when they are thinking and processing information. They seem so much more intuitive than adults. Your daughter does indeed seem brilliant! I bet she will be fun to see grow up! Definitely following you guys. Feel free to come say hello! http://livingthepaisleylife.blogspot.com/

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