Ink Blot Artwork

Ink Blot artwork craft & activity for kids


When my daughter was much younger I was very curious about how her little mind worked. I was & still am fascinated with how the world looks through her eyes. Quite a while back we did an ink blot experiment on her. It was interesting to hear her thoughts on the abstract. Over a year later we are bringing the ink blots back with a kick. The idea was to make the ink blots, have her tell me what she sees & turn the pictures into her visions.

My daughter loves to paint so she was more than willing to play along with mommy. We grabbed a few sheets of paper & folded them in half. We re-opened the paper & started our project.

I showed Mai how to splatter paint onto the paper, but she chose to paint in on instead. Either way will work, but if you paint make sure the paint is applied liberally.

IMG_9911 IMG_9906

Fold paper at the crease while it is still wet & smooth your hand over the top to spread out the paint.


Unfold the paper & let dry.


Ink blot #1

Mai said that this one was a butterfly.


We followed the outer outline of the picture & filled in the middle to form the butterfly’s body.


Ink blot #2

Mai said that these looked like dragon fly tails. She liked these so much she made this similar design 2 more times.


I added wings & the features for the head.


Ink blot #3

She said that this looked like an animal. We made our own determination on which kind.


It could be a bunny. It could be a long-eared dog. You be the judge.


This is a fun way your child to flex their imagination and artistic skills. This would be fun for the older kids in your family as well.

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