Play-Doh Rose

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Play-Doh is not just fun for the kiddos. It is fun for the mommies too. My daughter has been on a huge Play-Doh kick lately. While picking up her piles of dough all over the coffee table, I decided it was playtime for me. Here is a mommy original Play-Doh sculpture.

I used one of Mai’s toy rolling pins to flatten out the dough.


With one of her toy knives, I cut out a circle.


Working from the bottom, I pinched & pleated the circle all the way around to form a pinched cylinder like shape that is slightly pointed on the bottom.


I repeated the first two steps & then formed another pinched layer underneath the first, working the two layers together.


Continue with these steps 1 & 2 and keep layering until you achieve the fullness for your flower that you would like. Add green Play Doh for leaves.


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  1. I moulded my little mans first birthday cake all with royal icing…. Very like playduh to work with. You should try it out too when you have a cake to make!!

      1. It tastes lovely, maybe not a massive chunk on its own tho. Royal icing and a bit of natural food colouring. Sorry for late reply…. Only getting back to my blogging self now.

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