Cereal Box Sculptures For Kids

Turn an old cereal box into a fun and interesting piece of sculpture.

My daughter had a sleepover this weekend. To many of her friends, our house is known as the craft house. I think it is somewhat expected now that there will be an art project when they come over. As suspected, my daughter’s friend asked “Can we do a project?” That was music to my ears. I love kids that are eager to create. My daughter has recently developed a love for making sculptures. We made some out of paper towel rolls last month and she was hooked. Since then, she has made several creations on her own with clay and pipe cleaners, pine cones and paper and we have dabbled in some interesting tin foil creations that we will share with you soon. This weekend though, it was old cereal boxes that we used and the results were quirky and fun. Cereal box sculptures - process art recyclables sculptures for kids. Arts and crafts for kids

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Paper Towel Roll Sculptures

Turn your recyclables into a simple art project that you and your kids will love.

My daughter is a big fan of tinkering with our bin full of recyclables. Cardboard rolls are easily her favorite. She loves to paint them and tie them together, poke holes in them and anything else she can imagine. We found ourselves with an over abundance of paper towel rolls this weekend and wanted to play around with them.  What we came up with were these simple paper towel roll sculptures.
Paper towel roll sculptures. Twist bend and fold cardboard tubes to make simple structures and paint. Arts and crafts for kids.

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Air Dry Clay Puppets & Sculpture

My little girl has been obsessed with salt dough & clay for a long time. When she turned 2, we even threw her a Play-doh themed birthday. painted air dry clay globe sculpture craft -would be great for Earth Day arts & craft for the kids.

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Through the years, we have experimented with various homemade clays & doughs and recently have tried working with some store bought polymer and now air dry clay.

She is loving working with the new clay & her creativity has been growing off the charts. She is fascinating to watch.

She ate a Popsicle the other day & when she was finished, she took her empty stick to the craft table & pulled out a clump of clay. I watched as she worked the clay onto the stick.

IMG_9843 IMG_9844

She showed me her finished project. “Look mama, I made a puppet.”

Clay & craft stick puppets - kid made arts & crafts

We let it air dry over night & then painted it. She accidentally broke the arms off while painting, but it still was so cute.

Clay & craft stick puppets - kid made arts & crafts

Her doll puppet inspired a couple of clay fish puppets too. I made a mama fish & she made a baby fish.

Painted air dry clay fish puppets - summer arts & crafts for kids

We continued to play with the clay. She formed gifts for mom & dad with clay & buttons and I made a sculpture of my own.


The full globe might be a bit complicated for smaller hands, but an earth sculpture would probably work fine for your smaller sculptors.

Roll out a ball.


Cut a wooden skewer & stick into the ball diagonally.


Roll out a long strip of clay & connect the strip at both ends of the skewer.


Form a base at the bottom & trim the leftover pieces of skewer & poke through the base to connect the ball. Use a couple of pieces to keep it sturdy. Let your globe dry overnight & then paint it the next day.

painted air dry clay globe sculpture -would be great for Earth Day craft for the kids

I can’t wait to see what projects my little girl comes up with next.

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Play-Doh Rose


Play-Doh is not just fun for the kiddos. It is fun for the mommies too. My daughter has been on a huge Play-Doh kick lately. While picking up her piles of dough all over the coffee table, I decided it was playtime for me. Here is a mommy original Play-Doh sculpture.

I used one of Mai’s toy rolling pins to flatten out the dough.


With one of her toy knives, I cut out a circle.


Working from the bottom, I pinched & pleated the circle all the way around to form a pinched cylinder like shape that is slightly pointed on the bottom.


I repeated the first two steps & then formed another pinched layer underneath the first, working the two layers together.


Continue with these steps 1 & 2 and keep layering until you achieve the fullness for your flower that you would like. Add green Play Doh for leaves.


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