Play-Doh Birthday

Play-doh birthday party ideas

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Picking a theme for Mai’s 3rd birthday was an easy decision. You have all heard me talk about our daughter’s love for Play-Doh. It only made sense to celebrate her special day with her favorite activity.

It was no easy feat getting ready for the party. As I tried to turn our home into a Play-Doh filled wonderland, our Play-doh crazed daughter chased me around the house trying to get her hands into some of the decorations & activities.

“Mama, can I have that Play-doh?”

“This is for your party.Why don’t you play with what you already have?”

“Mama, you need to learn to share.”

How can you argue with that logic? I did learn to share that day & allowed her a little bit for playtime while preparing for her bash. It was a busy week. We had a lot to do.

Decorations were hung.

A name banner made out of foam shapes.
Paper lanterns with Play-Doh lids hanging from them.

Play-Doh was made.

Playdoh birthday party ideas
We made enough Play-Doh for 8 kids. We threw in some extra from a box that we received at Christmas. Play-Doh made a perfect decoration for this theme party. The giant Play-Doh bucket was made by using a $2 pail that I found at the Family Dollar, some spray paint & construction paper.

Goodie bags were put out.

Goodie bags for the kids...filled with Play-Doh of course. for Play-Doh birthday party
Goodie bags for the kids…filled with Play-Doh of course.

Cupcakes were baked. Multi-colored cupcakes fit perfectly inside of empty & clean Play-Doh containers.

Play-doh inspired birthday party ideas. Kid's birthday ideas - play dough cupcakes

Activities were planned. Our activity table had a rainbow collection of homemade Play-Doh for each party goer. Table included rolling pins, a bowl of cookie cutters & molds & Play-Doh presses.

Play-doh inspired birthday party ideas - Fill disposable muffin tins with different colors of Play dough. Lay out rolling pins and other play dough tools. CHeck out the site for more ideas.

After many weeks of planning & days of preparation the big day finally came. We had one excited girl on our hands. She was so eager for her party that she woke mommy & daddy up at 6am, which turned out to be a blessing since we still had much to do. We managed to hold her back from attacking all of the Play-Doh until her first guests arrived & then it was game on. All of the kids dove right in.

P1180401 P1180405

Our daughter received a Play-doh gumball machine.


Her & her friends began crafting gumballs immediately. They loved it & had a ball. I would like to tell you that they were able to contain all of their creations to the one designated table, but alas the whole house became their own personal Play-doh factory. They crafted hearts & cars & Play-doh cupcakes.

Despite the trail of little Play-Doh footprints tracked throughout the house, it was a beautiful day. Our house was filled with children’s laughter & a lot of joy today. My heart is happy.


play-doh birthday party ideas

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65 comments on “Play-Doh Birthday

  1. Aww, looked like the absolute perfect day and even I could forgive the PlayDoh making its way around the home for this. And by the way, those cupcakes were awesome!!! 🙂

  2. Awesome! Home-made parties are my favorite. We had many of those, and they created excellent memories for the kids. Well done on the play-doh theme!

  3. Omghs this is absolutely such a cute idea. I don’t know any kids that don’t go absolutely crazy over play-doh. I know I love it as a kid too! You did such a great job with this, especially all the decorations. Thanks so much for linking this post up for the Best in the Blogosphere link up! Hope to see you again next week!

  4. It looks like a wonderful party idea and a fun theme for kids to enjoy. I often wonder if any of the kids get tempted to taste the play doe cupcakes? They do look real. 🙂

  5. Found you on the turn it up Tuesday link up. I think this is super cute! I also think your are super courageous to have all this play doh around … It can get messy. I’m certain your daughter loved her party!

  6. How fun! I love what you did with the cupcakes. Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

    1. Thank you. I made my own invites on our computer just using a Photo editor. I had my daughter sitting on top of a stack of Play-Doh containers & the fonts were colorful. The invites were simple. I had nicer Thank you cards than invites. Lol!

  7. I was trying to figure out a theme for my 3 year old’s party and this is it! Love it! Where did you get the cupcake baking tins? Perfect! Also, do you ever make your own play dough? Thanks!

    1. I am sorry. I am only now seeing this. You ended up in my spam for some reason. I got the tins at the Dollar store. I made most of the Play-Doh for the party myself. It would have cost me a fortune to have bought it all. Lol! Thanks for stopping by. I hope your daughter enjoys her party.

  8. Hey I am doing a play doh theme party for my daughter but i cant find and items with theme. Where did you get your stuff for the party. Thank you

    1. Hi Krystal, I made the decorations at home. I used old Play-doh lids and containers in some of my decorating. If there is anything that you see that you would like to use, I could tell you how I made them. It is a fun theme for a party. The kids had a blast. Good luck on your planning and let me know if I can help.

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