Wax Paper Painting & A Tale To Tell

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0331Last week I posted about encouraging our toddler’s imaginations. My daughter has a vivid one. I am fascinated by her little brain. One of our favorite things to do together is paint. Painting not only allows her to express her artistic nature, but also brings out that great imagination of hers. She will paint a picture and tell me every inch of the story that she is weaving on her canvas. We love painting on different surfaces and experimenting with different methods of painting. Today it was wax paper.


Mai began crafting her picture and story almost immediately. “Mama look! Mai Mai paint a gorilla tree.” I am not quite sure I know what a gorilla tree is, but I am willing to bet that this is exactly what one looks like.

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Here she painted some gorilla footprints. “Look! Look! The gorilla makes the footprints and he climbs up the tree.”


“Two little fishes in the ocean.” “The water is sooooo beautiful.” There is a mommy shark, a dada shark & a Nanna shark. Mama shark is going to work” That last part broke my heart a little. Mama shark does not like going to work and leaving baby shark.


Mommy opted to just smoosh her paints into the wax paper.


I folded the wax in half and pressed to spread the paint.


The paint and wax paper combo looks wonderful in the light.





  1. Very cool concept and have no doubt my husband would do this will our girls (since he is the artist in our family) and have a blast trying. I am join to mention it to him later. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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