What Feels Like A Vacation When You’re A Mom


If you were tuned into us a couple of days ago, you would have seen my thoughts on why God made our children so cute. Their sheer adorableness is their best defense. A few fluttered eyelashes & a couple of sweet smiles & you have almost forgotten why you were frustrated with them in the first place. There are days when even their cuteness can’t save you from cracking though. This week has been a good example of some of those days. Our daughter has been a bit more ornery than usual. When you have days & weeks like this, it makes you just want to run & hide.

When people are often stressed they say to themselves or aloud “I need a vacation.” For us mothers we know that going on a vacation is equally stressful, if not more so when you have children in tow. For us it really is the little things that feel like a vacation for us. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my daughter, but sometimes this mommy just needs a little break.

You might ask “What are these little things you speak of?” I am glad you asked.

Going to the grocery store alone – There are two different kinds of trips to the supermarket. There is the one where you enter the store with screaming toddler who is angry because the last car shaped carriage is already taken. It continues as you pass the deli section, triggering yet another meltdown because they need a piece of cheese, but not before they ask to go potty…again.
There is the one when you go shopping by yourself & for once are able to get everything on your shopping list without having to leave abruptly with a carriage full of groceries left in the middle of aisle. Aah! It is just like paradise.

Doing chores – Many couples argue about who is going to do the dishes, but when you have children, you are fighting to be the one who gets to do them. “Don’t worry honey. I will clean up. You can get the kids ready for bed.” Who knew a dirty kitchen could be so relaxing? 

Taking a shower – I cannot even begin to tell you the detour my hygiene took after I had our daughter. There are times that I have gone days without showering. What once was just a quick and efficient method of getting clean has turned into a luxury. I used to hold the record for the quickest showers ever, now every drop of water, every bubble in my soap is savored & enjoyed. If I am lucky enough to be able to sink into a hot & bubbly bath, that is like a day at the spa.

Driving – On my drive into work every day I call my best friend. I do this because in the car is the only time that I can give her or anyone else my attention. If I have to call the cable company, it is in my car. If I need to schedule doctor’s appointments, it is in my car. If I am not on the phone, I kick on the radio & listen to music that is not sung by a Disney princess. Sorry Elsa, there is no room for you in the car today.

Nap time – Nap time is fewer & far between these days, but when do we manage to get a nap out of our daughter, cue the angels. “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” I have to take advantage of every last nap that we can get. What should I do? Should I pay some bills, mop the floors or clean out the junk drawer? Come to think of it mommy could need a nap too. Wake me in 1 to 2 hours.

Sitting on the toilet – Yes, I do spend a lot of time hiding in the bathroom. It is quiet & gives me a few moments to recharge my batteries. This is keeping in consideration that my daughter doesn’t bust down the door while I am on the can. Now I understand why men spend so much time on the toilet. 

Going on a date – Daddy needs a break sometimes too. Grab your hubby and have a night out together just the two of you.  You both deserve it & it will be a welcome change from squabbling over whose turn it is to put the kids to bed.

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31 comments on “What Feels Like A Vacation When You’re A Mom

    1. I used to hate grocery shopping. Now if I can do it solo, it is heaven. I am just like you, I grab a coffee and enjoy.

    1. Lol! That is why I added if they don’t bust down the door. Lol! My daughter has been good lately at letting me go in peace. It is nice..

  1. I am with Robin as just this morning I got yelled at by my older daughter for closing her out of the bathroom when I had to go. I kid you not, I never envisioned this before I had kids!!

    1. Yup! No one warns you. Lol! Yeah the bathroom is iffy. I get the barge ins too, but when she let’s me be, it is divine.

  2. I hear you! I love to grocery shop by myself. I can stick to my list much better without my son’s arguing about his dire need for me to buy Lunchables. When I get to the checkout, I have no surprise items in my cart either.

    1. The check out is the absolute worst. That is when my daughter has her mitts into everything. I want that!! Ugh!

  3. Every single one of these is SO me! I don’t need to spend all that time in the bathroom … but I do! It’s a huge rush to get the groceries done on my own when I’m kid-free and not working (for 1.5 hours a week) … but I do it anyway! It’s all worth it to keep me sane!

  4. I totaly clean the kitchen to hide from the kids (7 and 4 years old) cuz they are not allowed in there LOL.. if they cross the threshold I tell them ” get out of my kitchen unless you wanna wash the dishes” and they take off running to do something more fun.

  5. Some other experiences I have to look forward to in the very near future. So far I’ve been spoiled as my husband’s kids are only with us every other weekend. And even then sometimes I will take a shower just as an excuse for some peace and quiet (especially when we have all FOUR of his kids, just for the weekend it’s still exhausting!). 🙂

  6. Your car really has turned into a nice little escape for you. I remember the bathroom being a safe haven at times, but they didn’t let me stay in there long without them. lol

  7. My son calls me on his drive home from work sometimes because he doesn’t get a lot of downtime at home. He’s super hands-on as a dad and hubby. I wish he’d slow down a bit and relax more. I don’t want him to burn out. 😉

  8. I am happy and thankful to have a husband that shares house chores with me, hahaha. And the last one, Going on a date with hubby is something we both looking forward to.

  9. Being a mom of two I know it is not easy whether you are in vacation or in normal days. But the good thing is my husband helps me a lot in taking care of them as well helping me with small works at home. So may going on a date with him will be the best thing for me 🙂

  10. I could not begin to agree with you more!!! Hubby NEVER takes the kids anywhere with him, but when I want to run to the store for some peace and quiet, the first thing he says is, “Aren’t you going to take one of the boys?” That naturally sets off a storm of “Mom can I come?” questions and I have to either suck it up and take one (or both) with me – or yell “NO!” over my shoulder while I’m running to the car and locking the doors! Believe me – it isn’t because I don’t love my children – I do – but a trip to ANY store always leads to sullen faces on the way home when they ask for everything under the sun in the store and I have to tell them no, sorry, we can’t afford that right now. I would much rather go myself – not only is it faster, it is less of a hassle!

    1. My husband does this too. No, I would like to go to the store on my own. “But she likes going to the store with mommy.” Mommy needs a break.

  11. For me, being a mom is the busiest and stressful job ever. Even in the bathroom, my kids keep bugging me and ask “Mom, why you take so long?” well, actually I just got inside.

    1. It really is. Just a few short moments of peace during the day make all the difference. I am lucky that my daughter allows me potty breaks. Lol

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