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This has been a rough week. I have not been feeling well & our daughter has been testing her limits with us. She was so irritable & melty this week that the majority of the week was spent trying to keep her tantrums under control. Tonight was another challenging evening, but we somehow managed to turn it around towards the end of the night & my sweet, fun-loving girl made an appearance. When Mai asked to do a project, I was so excited, I jumped all over it.

Since we love our pasta crafts so much, I thought we could make something special with our pasta. We were not quite sure what we were going to make, so we just started painting different shapes. Mai loves painting pasta pieces. She painted a bunch in different colors & did some special creations of her own. Here she made a pasta car by painting the body of the car in blue & then adding the wheels using wagon wheel pasta. I love that imagination.


We painted side by side until we painted a pile of different shapes & colors.




After looking at our pile of shapes & colors, I decided that these pieces would make a great wind chime.


We cut out several strings of yarn of the same length.



I started by gluing one shape of pasta shell to each string with a glue gun. With each new piece of yarn I glued the pasta slightly higher.

IMG_9410 IMG_9411

I did the next row in a similar fashion. Continue to the top leaving yourself about 2 inches at the top of each.



We had a paper bowl that Mai had painted last week that we used as the base for our chimes. I poked a hole in the direct center of the bowl.


Cut another few strips of yarn. Group together & poke the yarn pieces through the hole & tie off into a loop on the top & tie off into a knot on the bottom to secure.


Glue the bare area at the top of the yarn to the inside of your bowl. Spacing them out evenly. Cut just below the last pasta shell on each string. This should give you different lengths all the way around.


When you are finished, let the glue dry & find a place for you & your little painter to display your new craft.



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  1. This is super cute and definitely something I would try with the kids!! Thank you for sharing! Also, I hope that you have a nice relaxing weekend. I think the winter months are really starting to wear on everyone. I know that they are in our house as well! Happy Friday!

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