Rock Paintings

Landscape Rock Painting

With the beautiful weather here, we have spending more & more time outdoors. This weekend we spent playing at the park, having dance parties in our back yard & gathering rocks for crafts after the sun sets.


We gathered big rocks & small. On our large rocks we painted landscapes. I painted a beach sunset & Mai painted one as well. She also made an ocean with one little red fish.

IMG_1250 IMG_1248

IMG_1259 Rock Painting

We had a bunch of smaller rocks & Mai suggested we make monkeys out of those. She helped me paint the rocks in brown for a base.


I painted the monkey’s face in tan.


I added googly eyes & painted on the rest of the facial features in black.

IMG_1322 IMG_1323

I painted on the belly in tan & added in a belly button.


I glued on construction paper ears & pipe cleaners for a tail.

Rock Monkeys

Our daughter loved her cute little rock monkeys. She has them dangling all around the house. She loved them so much that she took one to daycare with her this week too.


Painted Rock Monkey Craft


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