Egg Carton Monkey

Egg Carton Monkeys


My daughter hates bedtime. Much like her mommy, she is not a fan of sleep. Every night is a battle. She has a million excuses & she is a clever one. She knows mommy’s weaknesses. Tonight, I asked her if she wanted to make a craft with me. She had said yes, so I broke out all the paints & supplies. She changed her mind & then decided that she wanted Play-doh instead. When bedtime came though, she changed her tune. “Mommy, will you do a craft with me?” Mommy is such a sucker.

Egg Carton Monkey

Paint 3 egg carton sections in brown & let dry.



Paint a lighter shade of brown in a heart shape onto one of the sections. Let dry.


Draw in a nose & mouth with a marker & add googly eyes.


Glue the carton together like shown & add foam ears & feet.


Add pipe cleaners for arms & a tail.

Egg Carton Monkeys

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