Abstract Kid’s Art With Shapes

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Abstract Kid's Art With Shapes

We work with shapes a lot in our home. Our daughter has a great imagination & I love watching her create different objects & characters out of assorted shapes. She tells me wonderful stories about her creations as she builds them.


I thought that it might be fun to put some of these shapes to use in an art project. Last night I gave Mai a little lesson in abstract art. “What is abstract?” I am not certain that mommy did a great job of explaining this to a 3 year old, but I gave it my best shot while showing her at the same time. We cut out a wide variety of shapes in assorted colors.


The first shape she reached for was the circle. “This is a head.” She glued it onto a piece of paper using a glue stick.


“My man has a hat too.”


She insisted that she put a face on her project, so we cut out a mouth, eyes & a nose.

IMG_4220 IMG_4222

She created her face & then strategically placed the rest of her shapes, giving me a play by play of what each shape represented along the way.


After they are finished, trim any pieces hanging over the edge of the paper. Let the glue dry & admire your child’s work. She did such a beautiful job on her project. This might have to be put in a frame.


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    1. Thanks! I thought so too. She was really focused on it. She had a whole full story to go with it too. SO cute!

    1. Thank you. I love watching them work with the abstract. It is very interesting. This was a great craft & activity for her.

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