Spider Web Line Art

I have a little secret. I love spiders. My good friends know this about me and think that it is weird. I know all the rest of you are all saying “Ewww”, but it’s true. Spiders get a bad wrap. They are actually very helpful. And I am just obsessed with their webs. This art project is dedicated to my 8-legged friends and it’s is a fun one.

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Black Glue and Watercolor Picasso Portraits

My daughter and I have been learning a lot about the famous artists together these past few months. She has become fascinated by them. She has been attending art camp this week. On her first day, she came home with a clay Picasso portrait and a lot of new knowledge about the famous artist. She drew a bunch of Picasso inspired portraits that evening. They were wonderful. Her drawings inspired these Picasso portraits.

Black glue and watercolors Picasso inspired portraits - famous artists arts and crafts painting projects for kids - abstract art

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Tin Foil Paint Printing For Kids

Tin foil printing is a fun and simple process that is perfect for toddlers to teens.

We love trying our hands at different printmaking methods. Tin foil printing is an old favorite of ours. It is a great process for kids of all ages and it is a wonderful introduction for those who have never tried printmaking before. Whether your child is still finger painting or a pro at wielding a paint brush, this printmaking technique is a ton of fun and couldn’t be easier. Here is how…

Tin Foil Printing - easy process art and print project for kids, toddlers and preschoolers

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Picasso Inspired Cubism Art For Kids

This Picasso inspired art project is a wonderful introduction to Cubism for the kids. This is great for an individual or a collaborative project.

My daughter and I stumbled across a book at the library a couple of weeks ago and it quickly became a new favorite of ours. Emily’s Blue Period (affiliate link) is a lovely book about a young girl who wants to become an artist and is studying the works of Pablo Picasso. Emily is also struggling with big emotions about her parent’s recent split. The book discusses Picasso’s blue period, his work in collage and his Cubism style of art. My daughter, like the young girl in the book, became fascinated by Picasso. We flipped through his artwork online and read more about him. This weekend, after reading the book for the umpteenth time, she wanted to make a “cube” project.

Picasso artist inspired Cubism art for kids. Spring arts & crafts ideas. Butterflies and tulips - abstract art

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Paint Blot Abstract Printing

Super Fun messy art - paint ink blot print. Transfer your print & make them again & again.

My daughter & I have been having fun with ink blots since she could speak. It has always been fascinating to hear what she saw in her blots. The other part of forming them are that they are just plain pretty to look at & lots of fun to make. 

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Roll & Wrapped Clay Pendants

My daughter and I work a lot with clay. We love our clay craft projects. There are just so many possibilities. Roll & Wrapped Polymer Clay Pendant Charms - an easy & fun to make jewelry arts & craft project. Great for kids, teens or adults to make. Cute gift idea..

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We usually just make our own salt dough clay, but I had been curious about polymer clay for a while & wanted to experiment with it. The polymer was so easy to work with & was fun to work with as well.

I didn’t really know what I wanted to make, but just started breaking off chunks &  rolling them into balls & long strips. I played with the long rolled strips a little & came up with something cute, fun & easy to make.

Roll & Wrapped Clay Pendants

To form a flower-like creation, break off chunks from a few different colors of clay. Roll them lightly together into a ball & then roll out with your fingers to make a long thin rope-like strip.

IMG_8210  IMG_8216

Roll in at one end a couple of times to form a small spiral. Then loosely wrap & loop around & under the spiral.

IMG_8222  IMG_8225

After you have reached your desired size & shape, roll out a strip of green clay & form loops to form leaves.IMG_8226 IMG_8227

Follow package directions to bake your pendants. When they are hardened & cooled, run a craft string through one of the loops.  You may tie off at the ends or attach a clasp to the string. These were so fun to make. I couldn’t stop making them.

Roll & Wrapped Polymer Clay Pendant Charms - an easy & fun to make jewelry arts & craft project. Great for kids, teens or adults to make. Cute gift idea

Roll & Wrapped Polymer Clay Pendant Charms - an easy & fun to make jewelry arts & craft project. Great for kids, teens or adults to make. Cute gift idea

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Painting With Droppers

Abstract Painting & Art using medicine or eye dropper. Fun & messy art for the kids

We moved into our new house a few weeks ago. We are still trying to settle in & are unpacking those last weird random boxes. While unpacking one of these boxes of odds & ends, I came across a bag of old medicine droppers and plungers.


I was getting ready to toss them, but thought we could use them for a little fun first. Since we have been learning about abstract art this week with a Kandinsky project and book, I thought we could keep the abstract projects going.

To set up, I laid a piece of tin foil out on a baking tray and placed a piece of paper in the middle. I mixed acrylic paint with a small bit of water to thin them out because I want a thicker consistency than water colors.

I showed my daughter how to use the dropper. She sucked up the paint with the dropper and released it on to the paper.


She dripped & swished the paint around using the dropper.


Sometimes it would form bubbles & she would laugh and pop them with her finger.


When she was finished, I told her that we needed to let it dry. She told me that she needed to put it next to her Kandinsky. This made me smile.

Here was her finished product.


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