Finger Painting With Rubber Thimbles

Finger painting for kids with rubber thimbles - art for children

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My daughter has an art app that she loves on her IPad.  She used it a lot over our travels last week. I watched her draw & paint and stamp shapes with her fingers. Watching her stamp hearts & flowers onto her electronic canvas gave me an idea. My idea was to put foam shapes on the end of rubber thimbles  & use them as finger stamps. I cut out 4 simple shapes & used hot glue to glue them to the tip of the thimbles.

Rubber Thimble Finger Stamps

My daughter & I experimented with the different shapes. We put them on our fingers & stamped away. The heart shape worked the best. If you applied heavy paint it came out looking like a wax seal stamp, whereas just a light dab of paint provided better shape.



Mai lost interest in the actual shape of the stamps & began to just paint with the thimble. We had a box of a dozen rubber thimbles, so we tried something new. We loaded thimbles on each of her fingers & dipped them all in different color paint. She ran all of her thimble covered fingers around a piece of paper to create a painting that reminded me of a Jackson Pollock.


The thimbles were a little bit large on a couple of her fingers, so they would flip off from time to time, but she would just stick them back on & go.


When she was finished, it left us with a bright & colorful piece of abstract art.


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