Abstract Fizzing Art

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Baking soda & vinegar reactions made this fun abstract painting for kids. Science & process art.                                                                           *This post contains affiliate links*

Our daughter has been helping more around the house. She helps fold her own clothes, she sets the dinner table & she has just started to do the dishes with me. Last night while doing the dishes, she was excited to watch the soap foam up while washing out a few squirt bottles. “Look it, mama. It looks like a volcano.” She squeezed out a lot of soap eruptions & forgot about the dishes. I made a deal with her that if we finished the dishes that we would make our own volcanoes.


We finished our dishes & as promised we took out our baking soda & vinegar to make volcanoes. I poured a bowl of baking soda for eruptions & the flip switched, my daughter wanted to paint instead. Since we had already pulled out the baking soda, we combined the two.

Baking soda & vinegar reactions made this fun abstract painting for kids. Science & process art

We mixed a little vinegar with a few drops of different colors of food coloring gel.

 We placed a piece of watercolor paper onto a cookie sheet. My daughter used a scooper to spread baking soda all over the paper. She used a medicine dropper filled with the colored vinegar.


The paint fizzled & puffed up into little balls. She mixed the colors & squirted them all over the paper.


When it started to puddle, she lifted the edge of the paper to let the paint bubbles drip. The result was a lovely abstract piece. She liked it so much, she grabbed another piece of paper & did another.


It was a little messy, but we had a lot of fun with it.


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