Fizzing Heart Art Eruptions

These fizzing heart eruptions are a fun way to combine science and art with beautiful and unpredictable results.

Baking soda and vinegar eruptions are a favorite in our house. The ingredients are usually always readily available, they are easy to set up and fascinating to watch. My daughter wanted to make them this week and so we did. With Valentine’s Day nearing, we thought a fizzing heart project would be perfect.Fizzing heart baking soda and vinegar heart paint eruptions. Science and art fun for kids perfect for Valentines Day or any time. Also great for fine motor skills. Arts and crafts activities for kids & toddlers.

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She has recently perfected making hearts. She draws them and cuts them out all the time, so with her love of hearts and Valentine’s approaching quickly, hearts were the perfect choice for our fizzy paintings.

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Abstract Fizzing Art

Baking soda & vinegar reactions made this fun abstract painting for kids. Science & process art.                                                                           *This post contains affiliate links*

Our daughter has been helping more around the house. She helps fold her own clothes, she sets the dinner table & she has just started to do the dishes with me. Last night while doing the dishes, she was excited to watch the soap foam up while washing out a few squirt bottles. “Look it, mama. It looks like a volcano.” She squeezed out a lot of soap eruptions & forgot about the dishes. I made a deal with her that if we finished the dishes that we would make our own volcanoes.


We finished our dishes & as promised we took out our baking soda & vinegar to make volcanoes. I poured a bowl of baking soda for eruptions & the flip switched, my daughter wanted to paint instead. Since we had already pulled out the baking soda, we combined the two.

Baking soda & vinegar reactions made this fun abstract painting for kids. Science & process art

We mixed a little vinegar with a few drops of different colors of food coloring gel.

 We placed a piece of watercolor paper onto a cookie sheet. My daughter used a scooper to spread baking soda all over the paper. She used a medicine dropper filled with the colored vinegar.


The paint fizzled & puffed up into little balls. She mixed the colors & squirted them all over the paper.


When it started to puddle, she lifted the edge of the paper to let the paint bubbles drip. The result was a lovely abstract piece. She liked it so much, she grabbed another piece of paper & did another.


It was a little messy, but we had a lot of fun with it.


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