Salt Dough Pine Cone Fairy Houses

Salt dough and nature items are our favorites materials to create with hands down. I don’t know what is more fun, gathering the nature or pressing it into the dough and seeing what new and exciting things that you can come up with. There are so many amazing possibilities. We have made nature islands with branches and leaves and pine cone creatures with pipe cleaners. And do you remember when we made those adorable fairies with acorns, sticks and clay? Well those little fairies needed a home and we couldn’t wait to make them one. These sweet pine cone fairy houses are simple and enchanting.

Pine cone and salt dough fairy houses. Magical nature arts and crafts for kids


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What you will need:

Pine cones

Salt dough or air dry clay


Acrylic paints


Roll a clump of salt dough into a ball and press the bottom of a pine cone into the center of it. Form and press the dough around the bottom of the pine cone.  Mold a small piece of dough into a rounded shape for the door and press it onto the side of the ball of dough.

Press small pebbles around the outer edge of your door shape.

Find a small round pebble for the door knob and press it into the door where a door knob should be.

Break off another small piece of clay and form it into a small chimney and then press it at the top of your pine cone.

You can then either let your dough air dry or place it into the oven at 250 degrees until hardened. We baked ours for about 45 minutes, but bake times will vary.

Once the dough hardens, you can paint your fairy house.

Slat dough and pine cone fairy house. Magical nature arts and crafts for kidsYou can also do this with Play Dough. It does not dry as nicely, but is still a fun fairy house building activity.

Pine cone and salt dough fairy houses. Magical nature arts and crafts for kids

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