Air Dry Clay Puppets & Sculpture

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My little girl has been obsessed with salt dough & clay for a long time. When she turned 2, we even threw her a Play-doh themed birthday. painted air dry clay globe sculpture craft -would be great for Earth Day arts & craft for the kids.

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Through the years, we have experimented with various homemade clays & doughs and recently have tried working with some store bought polymer and now air dry clay.

She is loving working with the new clay & her creativity has been growing off the charts. She is fascinating to watch.

She ate a Popsicle the other day & when she was finished, she took her empty stick to the craft table & pulled out a clump of clay. I watched as she worked the clay onto the stick.

IMG_9843 IMG_9844

She showed me her finished project. “Look mama, I made a puppet.”

Clay & craft stick puppets - kid made arts & crafts

We let it air dry over night & then painted it. She accidentally broke the arms off while painting, but it still was so cute.

Clay & craft stick puppets - kid made arts & crafts

Her doll puppet inspired a couple of clay fish puppets too. I made a mama fish & she made a baby fish.

Painted air dry clay fish puppets - summer arts & crafts for kids

We continued to play with the clay. She formed gifts for mom & dad with clay & buttons and I made a sculpture of my own.


The full globe might be a bit complicated for smaller hands, but an earth sculpture would probably work fine for your smaller sculptors.

Roll out a ball.


Cut a wooden skewer & stick into the ball diagonally.


Roll out a long strip of clay & connect the strip at both ends of the skewer.


Form a base at the bottom & trim the leftover pieces of skewer & poke through the base to connect the ball. Use a couple of pieces to keep it sturdy. Let your globe dry overnight & then paint it the next day.

painted air dry clay globe sculpture -would be great for Earth Day craft for the kids

I can’t wait to see what projects my little girl comes up with next.

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