The First “I Love You”

Thefirstiloveyou.jpgThe last couple of days have been rough ones for this mama. Mai had an epic melt down a couple of nights ago over the content on her dinner plate. Apparently everything mommy makes these days is “too spicy”. FYI, I made macaroni and cheese. She went to bed extra late & woke up far too early. She was “the naughty child” at gymnastics yesterday morning & threw herself on the floor at the grocery store & made a little bit of a scene. A kind passer by took pity on me & actually stopped and asked if she could help me. Like I said, it has been a tough couple of days.
Some days being a mother is just too hard. It leaves you mentally and physically exhausted.
That was how I was feeling last night. After returning home from the grocery store I was beat down. I was getting ready to start supper, but Mai was ultra cranky and clingy. I pushed my preparations aside and sat on the couch with my cranky daughter and snuggled with her for a few minutes. As she sank in to my arms, I could feel the stress releasing from both of our bodies. I lie there relaxed for a few moments, drinking in the smell of my daughter’s hair and the feel of the smooth skin on her soft little cheek.
As much as I was enjoying this tender moment, I did have to start making dinner. I stood up and excused myself from my daughter & headed to the kitchen.While, I stood at the island, cubing up some ham, Mai came to me and wrapped her arms around my legs. “Mama, I love you.” I quickly scooped up my child and gave her a kiss with a tear in my eye & a smile on my face. It is just further proof that even the bad days in parenting are still pretty good.