Spring Umbrella Craft With Printable

I love umbrellas. Luckily, the spring is near and soon the rain will be coming down and the umbrellas will be going up. This pretty spring umbrella craft is perfect for the spring. Your kids will love designing their own umbrellas. They are so much fun, you will want to make them again and again. Make a bunch and string them up to make a playful garland for spring. These would make a great project for the classroom.


Spring Umbrella Craft with printable template. Color or paint and cut for this great spring and rainy day Arts and crafts for kids

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What you will need:


Paint, markers or crayons

Pipe cleaner


Printable Umbrella Template


Print out the free printable template.

Use markers, crayons, paint or use all of them to decorate your umbrella. Draw a scene, doodle designs or just wield a paint brush across your umbrella.

If you used paint or markers, let your template dry and then cut it out.

Overlap one end over the other and match up the points. Tape or glue it into place to form the body of your umbrella.

Next, make a loose knot about 2 inches from the end of a pipe cleaner.

Poke the short end of the pipe cleaner up through the hole of the umbrella. Tape the knot down to the inside of the umbrella.

Roll the top end of the pipe cleaner into a tight loop onto the top of the umbrella.

Roll the bottom of the pipe cleaner into a hook to form the umbrella’s handle.

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