Tin Foil Snowflake Prints

As you all know, we love printmaking. Tin foil prints are great because there is very little set up and they are easy enough for kids of all ages. We have made foil prints many times, but for these snowflake prints, we wanted to use negative space to make our designs. Here’s how!

Negative space tin foil snowflake prints . Winter & Christmas arts & crafts for kids. Printmaking ideas

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Sunset Silhouette Painting Craft

Sunset Silhouette Painting Crafts for kids

We have had such an incredibly busy summer. We have barely had a chance to enjoy any of it. We finally got away this weekend with friends & went on our first & last beach trip of the year. We had a great time & so did the kids. Mai had a ton of fun with her best bud. They laughed & played together & created some beautiful memories together. One of my favorite moments of our trip was when the duo sat on the rocks & watched the sunset together. It was precious beyond words.

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