Straw Blown Peacock Painting

If your kids are peacock lovers like we are, you will love this pretty and fun painting project.

Our family took a trip to the zoo yesterday. We saw a lot of amazing animals during our visit, but my favorite of them all was the peacocks. I love peacocks. They are so majestic and beautiful. Seeing these amazing creatures inspired our latest project. We have made peacocks in the past. Last year. we made them by painting with bleeding tissue paper. This time around we tried using the straw blowing method. Here’s how.
Straw Blown Peacock Painting - fun kid's arts and crafts projects. Blow painting is great for preschool and kindergarten

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Paper Plate Straw Scarecrow Hat


Like many toddlers, my daughter loves to play dress up. She has a fantastic imagination & she likes to use it. She will put herself into character & really commit to it. We love to make crafts to encourage her love for role play. We make paper plate masks often & another paper plate favorite of ours is hats. With the fall around the corner, we did a fall-themed scarecrow hat.

Paper Plate Straw Scarecrow Hat

What you will need:

Paper plate

Paper bowl


Scrap paper

School glue

Hot glue gun (as always use caution when operating a glue gun. It is recommended that adults operate the gun)


Cut out the center of a paper plate.


Use the hot glue gun to glue the bowl into the middle of the plate.


Paint the body of your hat & let it dry.


Cut skinny strips of construction paper for your straw. Glue them around your hat on the paper plate.



Rip off a couple of pieces of construction paper to make patches for your hat. Draw in simple designs like checks or polka dots.


Glue the patches onto the bowl. Let the glue dry.


When it is dry, it is ready for your head or even your stuffed Teddy’s head.

IMG_7259 IMG_7286IMG_7305

Paper Plate Scarecrow Straw Hat - adorable fall kid's craft

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