Pastel & Watercolor Peacock Feathers

Hello all! This week, we played around with pastels and watercolors to make some pretty and easy art. These pastel and watercolor peacock feathers were so quick and easy to make that my little one and I got a little carried away and ended up making a bunch. All you need for these are watercolor paper, oil pastels and some watercolors.

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Leaf Peacock Nature Craft

It is amazing the beautiful things that you can create with nature materials. Whether you are painting nature items or leaving them natural in your crafts, the results are amazing. We love using leaves in our crafts. There is a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, so your possibilities are endless. Peacocks are a favorite of ours, so it was only a matter of time that we made a nature peacock. This easy leaf peacock is gorgeous and includes a free printable template for your convenience.

leaf peacock nature craft with printable template - kids arts and crafts projects made with painted leaves

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Straw Blown Peacock Painting

If your kids are peacock lovers like we are, you will love this pretty and fun painting project.

Our family took a trip to the zoo yesterday. We saw a lot of amazing animals during our visit, but my favorite of them all was the peacocks. I love peacocks. They are so majestic and beautiful. Seeing these amazing creatures inspired our latest project. We have made peacocks in the past. Last year. we made them by painting with bleeding tissue paper. This time around we tried using the straw blowing method. Here’s how.
Straw Blown Peacock Painting - fun kid's arts and crafts projects. Blow painting is great for preschool and kindergarten

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Bleeding Tissue Peacocks

A couple of days ago, we had one of our regular library trips. As per usual, we spent a couple of hours looking through & selecting our books for the next couple of weeks and playing. My daughter found a lovely pop-up picture book about peacocks.Bleeding Tissue Paper Art - Peacock arts & crafts for kids

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Egg Carton Peacock Craft

Egg Carton Peacock Craft


A while back, I bought a stack of burlap canvases. They having been sitting there collecting dust for several months now. Last night after dinner, I wanted to try one out. I painted a peacock, while Mai watched.


“What you making, Mama?”

“A peacock.”

“I want to make a peacock too!”


Egg Carton Peacock Craft

What you will need:

An egg carton

Acrylic paint



Construction paper



Cut the egg carton & separate each individual egg carton section. Paint the inside of the sections & around the outside sides in green. After painting each section, sprinkle glitter on the inside before the paint dries. Mai was so excited to add the glitter that she would not put it down even to paint the egg carton.

IMG_0922 IMG_0918

While Mai painted the cartons, I cut the body of the peacock out on construction paper. Add a beak & use paint to add details.



Glue the body down to a piece of construction paper & then glue the egg carton pieces in place.

Egg Carton Peacock Craft

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