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A few weeks back, I had a routine doctor’s appointment. While I was there, he asked me all the standard questions, “Are you a smoker?”   NO!   ” How often do you drink alcohol?”  When do I have the time? & …

“How many days a week do you exercise?”

Me: “I exercise everyday.”

Doc: “What do you do for exercise.”

Me: “I chase a toddler.”

Who needs a gym membership? I have all the workout I need at home. My daughter is my personal trainer. She is my home gym. She has a lot of energy. I mean a lot of energy &  if not given an opportunity to unleash that energy, she turns into a surly little girl.

Toddlers need exercise  just as much as their mommies and daddies do. What can we do to help keep them active?

Here are a few suggestions…

Take them outside – This is an easy one.  Let them run around in the back yard or take them for a  ride on their bikes. My daughter loves the outdoors. She will grab her sneakers of the shelf & bring them to me.   “Aaa-side, aaa-side”

Ok mommy, I’m ready to go.

0971 image

Visit an indoor play center – These can be a lot of fun. We have a Kidsports less than a mile from our house. It has been a life saver for rainy days. There is an indoor padded playground, climbing walls & an air propelled batting  practice.

IMG_20131116_114629_1491  IMG_20131116_114631_7281

Get up & dance – My daughter loves music. Mai will leap up and start dancing as soon as the music turns on & not to brag, but she has great rhythm. I see dance recitals in our future.


Visit the zoo, park or a local farm etc.. – Leave the stroller in the car. My daughter loves roaming free. Obviously this is a lot of work for mommy but it is great exercise for the little one & everyone will sleep well that night.

1261 ResizedImage_1377016629051

Take a class – Mai takes swimming lessons & will start gymnastics next month. It is not only great exercise, it is wonderful for socializing with her peers. She does not go to daycare, so these classes have been a great way for her to meet other children.


Games & Songs – Games like Red Light, Green light, the Hokey Pokey,Ring Around the Rosey & Hide and Seek are a fun filled way to ensure your spirited toddler is up and moving.

Mommy found you!

There are many ways to keep your child active. Please feel free to share your stories with us. We always love to hear from you.

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