10 Parenting Truths That We Are Guilty Of



As much as we would all like to be super mom or dad every day, the truth is there are times that we are less than perfect. There are moments in parenthood that we are not always proud of.

1. We use our children as excuses not to go places. – “I would love to come to your Tupperware party, but unfortunately the little one has a sniffle.” Not only have we used them as an excuse not to go somewhere, they give us a great out when we want to leave somewhere early.

2. We have left our kids in pajamas for the whole day. –   We have even been known to stay in our jammies all day long with them. Don’t judge.

3. We have fed our children snacks for a meal. A bowl of Goldfish, some fruit snacks & a couple of blueberries is a good lunch, isn’t it? I hope they are not still full from the handful of saltines with peanut butter & the box of raisins that they had for breakfast.

4. We have skipped over pages in a bedtime story. – I have skipped over words, paragraphs & even full pages to get through a story quicker when I was tired. Unfortunately, as they get older they begin to realize this trick. 

5. We have completely tuned out something that our child was saying. – We do not do this intentionally, but let’s be honest; we have all done this at least once while distracted by another task. A few head nods and a carefully placed “Reeeaally?”‘ or two while you are fixing dinner and you have missed a whole conversation.

6. We have called our children by the wrong name. – For the longest time growing up, I thought my name was Linda-Kim. My mother mixed up me and my sister so much that she just started calling us both by the two names combined.

7. We have kept our children awake in the car, so that they would nap at home. – Let’s face it, a nap in the car is a waste of perfectly good quiet time for mommy & daddy. I have tickled my child’s feet, sang or given her a snack when I saw that she was starting to doze off. Stay awake kiddo, mommy wants a nap too.

8. We have lied to our kids. – Whether it is perpetuating the myth of Santa Clause & the Easter Bunny or trying to convince our child that brussel sprouts taste good, we have all told a few white lies.

9. We are not above bribery. – We know we should not do it, but we do. In a pinch I have pulled out a bag of Skittles to get through a meal out at a restaurant. I have offered treats to get her to smile for a family photo. Sometime desperate parents crack under pressure.

10. We don’t like other people’s kids. – This does not apply to everyone of course. There are exceptions, but on the whole other people’s children annoy us. You can admit it.

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10 Parenting Truths That We Are Guilty Of

35 comments on “10 Parenting Truths That We Are Guilty Of

    1. Lucky! Lol! I like reading to Mai, but she always wants the same books over and over. You can only read Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs so many times before you go insane. Lol

    1. I know. My husband was worried that this would make people mad. I am sure a few will be, but I think most can admit that they can relate.

  1. Those were great! I had a few chuckles… um #7 – yes and for #3, cereal for dinner – yes. I also agree with #5 and #10, I should be better with those though…

  2. Love this post! Most of us are doing these mistakes without thinking that it might affect our children mind as well. All parents should have to stop this. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

  3. I love #1 – I see nothing wrong with being polite by using your kids as a scapegoat. Ha! When kids get older…they do get the skip-the-page trick. I’ve gotten caught before. Ooo – #7, I think all parents have delayed nap time at least once.

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