Handprint Teapot

Handprint Teapot - Kid's Crafts. This would be a cute idea for Mother's Day


Our little munchkin is still battling her cold. We have been trying to keep her from talking too much & running around. The past few days have been filled with cartoons, cuddling, coloring & crafts. Our little raspy voiced girl has been drawing & painting up a storm over the past few days. In the midst of all of our sick day activities, Mai made me a bunch of hand prints for a craft that I had in mind. Tonight we are going to make hand print teapots.


We tried hand prints in a few different colors & hand positions until we found the perfect hand print for our project.

This was the print that we chose to use.


Paint in a base & a handle.



Paint around the hand to form the body of the pot. Us a different shade of color. I decided my handle was too small, so I extended it. Add an opening to your spout & add some steam. This would make a sweet Mother’s Day project.


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